UOL-SIM GE Regional Centre Awards Two New Scholarships

"Alicia Lum and Sam Yong were announced as the second batch of recipients for the University Of London Masters Scholarships on 22 June 2018."

16 Aug 2018

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Sam Yong and Alicia Lum are the recipients of the UOL Masters Scholarships.

Alicia Lum, SIM-University Of London BSc (Hons) in International Relations and Sam Yong, SIM-University Of London BSc (Hons) in Business and Management were announced as the second batch of recipients for the University Of London Masters Scholarships on 22 June 2018.

The scholarships, awarded by the University Of London (UOL) under the auspices of the UOL-SIM GE Regional Centre since 2017, are conferred annually to two SIM GE-UOL graduates who have been accepted to study for a full-time master's programme at any of the 18 UOL Member Institutions.

Mike Winter OBE, Director of Global Engagement, UOL Worldwide said, “We are delighted to welcome Alicia and Sam as they embark on their postgraduate studies in London this September. As part of the UOL-SIM GE Regional Centre's strategy, the scholarships provide a platform for outstanding graduates who have studied at SIM GE to pursue their ambitions in the respective fields. Indeed, we look forward to hearing more about the scholars' achievements in the years to come.”

Alicia, who will be pursuing her MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) shared, “I am definitely excited but also humbled to have received the scholarship from UOL. It has validated my hard work over the last couple of years.” “

I've always had an interest in politics and questioning how the world works, and it seemed a natural choice to study for an international relations degree awarded by UOL and delivered at SIM. Doing a master's will expose me to the various theor Save & Exit ies of development and allow me to dive deeper into the analysis of the problems hindering development at a more advanced level.”

During her course of study, Alicia developed a keen interest in areas such as fundraising and allocation of aid resources. While undertaking part-time employment to finance her studies, Alicia remained focused and disciplined, often digesting key readings on her phone while commuting. Her hard work paid off as Alicia graduated with First Class Honours earlier in April 2018, and was duly awarded the SIM Silver Award amongst her graduating cohort. She aspires to serve in the humanitarian sector and in organisations such as the UN and Oxfam after completing her Master's.

Sam, who will be taking up the MSc in Business Analytics, with specialisation in Management Science, at University College London (UCL), commented that the scholarship presented him with “an opportunity of a lifetime”. He opted for an undergraduate programme in business and management, as he wanted to push his boundaries and develop his potential through independent learning supported by SIM academics. Although the syllabus was tough, Sam felt that the programme has expanded his horizons and equipped him with skills applicable in a variety of challenging environments.

At SIM, Sam was involved in various clubs and events. He was appointed Director of Welfare for the SIM-UOL Student Representative Council in 2015, and headed several large-scale events projects as the Freshmen Orientation. To ensure that he remained relevant in the workforce, Sam took on two separate internships during his final year. “Although I was tired, I made it a point to attend every class as I was determined to graduate,” he said.

Graduating with First Class Honours, Sam served as the Graduate Representative for his cohort during the SIM-UOL Presentation Ceremony. With his Master's, Sam hopes to bridge the gap between data science and business management, and to harness his knowledge towards fulfilling his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Posted online, 16 August 2018