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Explore a comprehensive selection of 100+ transformative courses spanning diverse fields to accelerate your career and expand your expertise in management and leadership, creativity, innovation, sustainability, and a host of other critical skills that will help you in the Future of Work.


Welcome to SIM Professional Development

SIM is unwavering in its dedication to assisting working professionals and executives in enhancing their capabilities to meet the demands of the evolving workplace. At SIM Academy, we provide curated learning journeys tailored to working professionals at every stage of their careers, fostering continuous growth and adaptability in the ever-changing landscape of the Future of Work. Our Professional Development programmes encompass a comprehensive range of tailored solutions designed to empower professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to become effective change-makers and leaders in today's volatile and uncertain business landscape.

Why SIM Academy

In the face of the new normal, the workforce must adapt to unprecedented changes occurring at an exponential pace, as once-relevant skills can now become obsolete very quickly. Continuous upskilling and reskilling are imperative to remain competitive and effectively navigate challenges in the era of generative Artificial Intelligence (gAI) and the demands of the Future of Work.

At SIM Academy, we prioritise the individual professional, recognising your unique needs and aspirations as a catalyst for personal growth and career advancement. With 100+ comprehensive executive and business programmes and services aligned with frameworks such as DASH+ and Project Zero, we equip professionals with the necessary tools to thrive across a wide range of in-demand industries, including Leadership & Management, Sustainability, Digital & IT skills to name a few. This is balanced against essential human connectivity skills like communications, networking, creativity, agility, innovative thinking, and systems thinking. Our commitment extends beyond providing programmes.

To thrive in the Future of Work, it is essential to cultivate a resilient mindset, acquire advanced creative and cognitive abilities, foster collaboration, and agility skills, attain digital fluency, and enhance emotional intelligence. These competencies empower individuals to successfully navigate frequent transitions, adapt to changing circumstances, leverage gAI for innovative problem-solving and decision-making, maximise effectiveness in a digitized future, and confidently navigate evolving norms and challenges.
Achieve Social Mobility

Level up for the Future of Work with our wide range of online and on-campus programmes tailored to cater to the diverse needs of professionals that will enable you to thrive across your life-stages.

Attain Your Desired Career

We offer comprehensive services beyond learning with SIM Academy’s Job Placement Facilitation Support from SIM’s Career Team to get you the job you need to build your career.

Transform Your Organisation by Enabling your Talent

With over 50 years of training expertise, we specialise in crafting and implementing leadership and transformational programmes to build core competencies within your workforce.

Obtain Industry Best Practices

Acquire invaluable insights from renowned thought leaders in management and industry experts through our curated programmes. In addition, benefit from our applied learning approach that drives the application of what was learned.

Strategic Partnership
Strategic Partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore

Leverage funding schemes and industry-aligned programmes to facilitate lifelong learning to empower you in your respective fields.

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Our Campuses

Explore the SIM grounds from the comfort of your home through these virtual tours.

SIM Management House

Set in the tranquil residential estate of Namly Avenue, SIM Management House has ample facilities that serve as a learning and networking hub for SIM members and working executives.

SIM Campus

SIM Campus along Clementi Road is our main campus, housing a comprehensive array of facilities and amenities that students can enjoy.


Customised Solutions for Corporates

SIM Academy leverages knowledge and skills across industries and sectors to deliver customised programmes that create the performance shifts you need. Whether it’s transforming organisations or empowering individuals, SIM is committed to delivering results — reskilling and upskilling our workforce for the future of work.

Learn about SIM’s Enterprise learning solutions