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About SIM

As one of Singapore's leading private education and lifelong learning institutions, SIM equips individuals and enterprises to be future-ready.


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Who We Are

For 60 years, SIM has innovated as a learning institution, with our commitment to lifelong learning deeply ingrained in our philosophy. We are dedicated to developing and upskilling talent, growing 

Leadership is of paramount importance in driving progress and inspiring positive change, especially in the age of unparalleled complexity and uncertainty. Through SIM’s comprehensive programmes, we empower leaders to develop a broader view of the challenges they face through a systems leadership and strategic organizational development perspective to navigate complexity, inspire teams, and significantly impact the social and economic outcomes of their organisation.

, building 
Human Capital

The true strength of an organisation lies in its people, with Human Capital. We are committed to promoting continuous learning and fostering adaptability to meet the evolving demands of enterprises. By investing in the development of Human Capital, we not only empower individuals but also contribute to the overall growth and success of the organisations they work for.

, and fostering 

Sustainability is a fundamental value that underpins our learning programmes. We equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to address environmental, social and governance challenges, to cultivate a generation of successful leaders who are mindful of their impact on the Future of Work, society, and the environment.

in the global workforce. Our goal is to provide learning experiences and solutions that transform higher education, accelerate professional development, and build leadership capacity for managing complexity. Our focus is to integrate learning in the workplace to improve employability and the ability to pivot and grow organisational success. As a comprehensive learning institution, we cover the gamut of learning with our two core entities – SIM Global Education and SIM Academy.

SIM Global Education connects future leaders that come through our doors with globally recognised education programmes. We harness new knowledge, skills, and technology to transform learning and shape future talent with critical skills and knowledge to thrive in a diverse, complex, and interconnected world. Through our partnerships with renowned universities, a diverse and inclusive learning environment, and industry-relevant programmes, we develop graduates with industry skills, knowledge, and cultural intelligence to be career-ready and excel in a globalised society.

SIM Academy stands at the forefront of 
Professional Development
At SIM, we place the professional at the centre of our Professional Development programmes, recognising their unique needs and aspirations and serving as a catalyst for their personal growth and career advancement. These programmes are designed to go beyond traditional education, aligning with frameworks such as DASH+ (Design Thinking, Agile, Systems Thinking, Human Capital and Leadership) and Project Zero by Harvard School of Education.

Through these targeted approaches, professionals are immersed in a dynamic learning environment that combines hands-on experiences, collaborative projects, and a cutting-edge curriculum to develop well-rounded skill sets and competencies necessary to navigate the Future of Work challenges, amidst the advent of new generative Artificial Intelligence (gAI) technologies. Moreover, SIM fosters the growth of their skills in agile problem-solving, innovative thinking and effective leadership to drive professional success. By placing professionals at the centre of this narrative, they are empowered to become agile and future-ready professionals that embrace lifelong learning and innovation.
, offering a comprehensive range of upskilling and career enhancing programmes and solutions tailored for working professionals. We aim to empower working professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to become change-makers who can lead and contribute effectively to today’s volatile and uncertain business landscape. Complementing this, our 
Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions has developed a proprietary integrated learning model, which adopts a holistic approach to assist organisations in achieving their strategic business goals. The model, balances the needs of complexity, cognitive agility, and contextual knowledge, helps equip individuals in organisations with the necessary capabilities for complex problem-solving, to execute their roles better.

Additionally, we ensure that skills training is calibrated to industry needs, along with functional hard skills and soft skills that are crucial for professionals to thrive in their careers. By leveraging SIM’s integrated learning model, organisations can enhance business outcomes and drive sustainable development for the Future of Work.

purpose is dedicated to partnering with organisations to develop their talent and human capital, to align their workforce with corporate strategic goals, through fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to foster innovation and forge strong collaborations to provide high-quality education and learning that prepares individuals for success in an ever-changing world. At the core of our mission, we aspire to create a lasting, positive impact on the lives of our students and learners, shaping the future of Singapore and extending our influence beyond. Our tagline, Learn for Life, Thrive for Life, encapsulates the values we inculcate into all learners, as learning never stops at SIM.




Our Heritage

On the initiative of the Economic Development Board, SIM was started in 1964 with the social mission of developing manpower for Singapore’s growth.
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Our Leadership

SIM’s Management Team works shoulder to shoulder with our Board of Directors to assume governance of SIM and oversee its strategic direction.

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Our Partners

We partner reputable universities and industry players to provide a wide range of academic programmes, professional courses, training solutions and work opportunities.

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Accreditations and Awards

Our accreditations and awards are testament to our track record as a centre of excellence in education, management development and lifelong learning.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

SIM offers bond-free scholarships for academic, sporting or artistic excellence, funded professional development programmes, and opportunities to serve the community.

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