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Employer Engagement

About Employer Engagement

The Employer Engagement team is a team of professional account managers who reach out to industry partners to create opportunities for students and the industries through multiple avenues.

To know more about Singapore Institute of Management Global Education programmes and the profiles of our students, please contact the Employer Engagement team. We are dedicated to help you find the right fit for your company in our pool of talents.

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Full-Time Placement

Our degree programmes have prepared students to be proficient in their specific fields. Every year SIM has about 4000 graduates who are readily equipped with both technical and theoretical skills that will value-add to any organization.

Internship & Part-Time Placement

Internship programmes are advantageous for both the organisation and the student. Organisations may bring our students on board to augment their human capital requirements while nurturing our students’ working competencies and skills.

SIM constantly has a pool of students who sees the value of internships and are constantly seeking for internship opportunities; during school terms, there are still some students available for part-time placements and employers can engage our students for their companies’ job vacancies.

Talent Acquisition

SIM graduates in the workforce are capable and have unique characteristics. Our graduates possess traits like resourcefulness, adaptability and sheer resilience.

These traits characterises our career ready pool of talents who have benefited from the Overseas Immersion Programmes and Talent Development Series to cultivate students who are global ready and career adept. Engage the best and the brightest of SIM via Scholarships and Book prizes.

Company Talk and Visit

The organising of company talks and visits present companies with the chance to meet students from specific degree programmes. Companies can share about themselves, their work culture, career prospects and recruiting processes.

Companies will have the chance to organise visits to their premises so that they are able to meet students and assess them.


The SIM Career Development Office organises numerous events for students and industries to interact and connect.

The Annual Career Fair is an event which allow companies to have access to our career ready graduates from various degree programmes, identify potential talents for hiring and increase their visibility among the students.

We also organise events dedicated to specific industries, which allow them to network with students and raise the awareness of career opportunities within that industry. These industry networking events are excellent platforms for companies to brand-build and create awareness among our students.

Resource Centre

Organisations can amplify their company profile to create awareness amongst SIM students via our satellite resource centre.

Corporate collaterals are provided for students’ perusal where they may contact their organisation of choice for career prospects.