Who We Are

As one of the region's leading learning institutions, we enable individuals and enterprises to be future-ready and empower them to fulfil their highest aspirations.

The Institution for Lifelong Learning, Made for Every Life Stage

Founded on the initiative of the Economic Development Board in 1964, SIM has a solid track record in supporting manpower development for Singapore’s growth. Today, we remain fully committed to providing innovative, skills-based learning experiences and opportunities designed for higher education, professional development, and corporate excellence.

Our aim is to inspire, upskill and empower every learner – from individuals to enterprises and communities – to thrive in life and for life.

Our Tagline


Our tagline encapsulates our philosophy toward learning and life.

“Learn for Life” is our mantra to learners to never stop learning.
It is a lifelong journey of continuous improvement, instead of a destination point. Learning is not a one-time paper chase; it is a lifetime passion in self-growth.
“Thrive for Life” means achieving enough success to live well in one’s life.
SIM’s learners gain more than that ordinary experience of learning for success. When they learn for life with SIM, they are equipped to turn life’s challenges into opportunities. SIM is where learners are nurtured to thrive in life and for life.

Delivering the SIM Promise through Our Brands

We strive to be the go-to institution for global education, a choice provider of continuing education to professionals, and the preferred strategic partner of enterprises in maximising return on human capital.

As an innovative leader in the field of lifelong learning, we fulfil our purpose, locally and regionally, through our brands.

Our Purpose and Vision


Our Core Values

Our core values play an important role in shaping our brand personality. 

Act with Integrity

Have courage to do the right thing.

Respect for the Individual

Treat others as how we would like to be treated ourselves.

Be Learner-Centred

Proactively seek and understand learners’ needs and deliver exceptional learning experiences. 


Be participative, supportive, inclusive, and work towards shared goals.

Continuously Learn & Innovate

Be committed to the pursuit of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement.

About Our Logo

In our logo, singular shapes come together to create creative composites, just as how SIM combines distinctive offerings into comprehensive experiences. It reflects how we have built a stronger, more cohesive SIM brand from the sum of its parts. The various components represent our promise, aspirations, and offerings as a lifelong learning institution.

From Singapore to the world

The red within our logo signifies our pride in being born, bred, and based in the little red dot, while the blue represents us reaching out to the world’s learners as we accelerate into the future.

The circles represent the well-rounded global curriculum and holistic learning approach provided by SIM Global Education.

Reaching peak potential

The triangles represent new horizons and fresh aspirations. Learners, as depicted by the dot, can go higher and further in their pursuits by upskilling with SIM Academy (Professional Development).

Bridging enterprise learning and corporate excellence

The overlapping triangles depict the collaboration between businesses ready for transformation and a future-ready learning institution at SIM Academy (Enterprise Solutions).

SIM Global Education (SIM GE)
Gain an edge through an all-rounded global education with Singapore’s leading private education institution.

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SIM Academy
SIM Academy (Professional Development & Enterprise Solutions)
Level up with Singapore’s leading professional learning and transformation partner for individuals and enterprises.

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