SIM Celebrates 60 Years

From our beginnings in 1964 to the global institution that we are today, we have shaped minds, fostered innovation, and built a community of lifelong learners.

About SIM's 60th Anniversary

The Singapore Institute of Management is a prominent education and lifelong learning institution in the region. Recognised for empowering individuals and businesses through continuous learning, SIM has been a leader in developing work and industry skills since its establishment in 1964 by the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Committed to providing skills-based learning experiences through its two sub-brands, SIM Global Education (SIM GE) and SIM Academy (SIMA), SIM's mission is to help students, professionals, and enterprises "Learn for Life, Thrive for Life."

As we commemorate our 60th anniversary this year, SIM remains dedicated to lifelong learning, ensuring that individuals and organisations have the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing world.

SIM's 60th anniversary is not just an occasion to celebrate; it is an opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone who was and is part of SIM, and to also reinforce our purpose, providing inspiration and aspiration to learners.

SIM Anniversary Tag

An infinite loop is integrated in SIM’s 60th anniversary tag (SIM60 tag) to highlight our ceaseless pursuit in fostering lifelong learning and bringing about social impact. The tag symbolises our lasting heritage and unchanging commitment towards learners.

Our Anniversary Activities

SIM Leadership Forum
Coming in 2024 Q3
SIM Global Education Festival
Coming in 2024 Q4