Bachelors Degrees

Unlock your potential with our multidisciplinary curriculum that blends academic rigour with real-world experience to produce future-ready students.

Why get a bachelor’s degree at SIM

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree is often the first step to a professional career. A good foundation in theoretical knowledge, problem-solving, and critical thinking can put you ahead of others in terms of employability.

We partner with renowned institutions all over the world to offer a comprehensive and well-rounded education with our industry-relevant programmes. Our practical curriculum, experienced faculty, and flexible study options give you the necessary skills and resources to get ahead in today’s competitive job market.

With our bachelor’s degree programmes, you will open pathways for more advanced positions, more opportunities for further study, and professional development. SIM students benefit from:

  • Developing a global perspective, with unique opportunities to study overseas
  • Gaining important practical skills and knowledge relevant to industry needs
  • Higher qualification options such as a bachelor’s degree with honours
  • Qualifications such as recognised bachelor’s certificates from accredited universities

Explore Disciplines

Arts & Social Sciences

Empowering well-rounded individuals with a global perspective. Cultivate critical thinking, analytical skills, and creativity with our diverse degrees.

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Get a uniquely broad body of skillsets related to the global aviation industry and discover a variety of exciting and rewarding career paths.

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Highly compatible as a double major or double degree, our business degrees offer a rigorous and industry-relevant curriculum with attractive prospects.

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Construction and Management

A comprehensive education on the construction and property industry, this degree prepares you for a fulfilling career in this rapidly growing field.

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Geographic Information Science

Gain cutting-edge geospatial sciences knowledge and skills to analyse and interpret spatial data. Easily compatible as a double major or double degree.

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IT & Computer Science

Build a solid foundation in data analysis, infotech, and cybersecurity. Our graduates are well-prepared for a range of high-demand careers in tech.

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Preparing students for a rewarding and challenging career in healthcare with strong research avenues, data opportunities, and critical thinking skills.

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Our University Partners

La Trobe University

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RMIT University

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The University of Sydney

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University of Wollongong Australia

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Grenoble Ecole De Management

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University of Birmingham

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University of London

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University of Stirling

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University at Buffalo

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