Joel Ho

As a leader, you've got to show your team how to improve and shine in their role.
Discover SIM GE RMIT Student Council president Joel Ho with his Helm Award, December 2012 As 2012 drew to a close, 40 student leaders who have contributed their service and talent to their respective student council for the year, were honoured at the first SIM Student Leadership Awards Night. 23 received the Impetus awards and 15 the Impact awards. Daniel Ho Sheng won the Crest Award and Joel Ho Guo Chun the Helm Award. Joel, 25, is a third-year SIM-RMIT Bachelor of Business Management student, graduating in July 2013. He has been serving the RMIT Student Council since the day he enrolled in July 2010. As president in 2012, he implemented several initiatives for the 7,000 RMIT students studying at SIM Global Education, including a survey on demand for a shuttle bus service between the SIM premises at Clementi Road and Botanic Garden MRT station, and installing a snack and sandwich vending machine. “From the survey we found there was little interest in the vending machine but high demand for the bus shuttle,” says Joel. Another project he led was to provide folders to freshmen. “We gave out about 1,000 folders in June and July 2012.” Yet another was a welcome pack that included Kong Guan biscuits, and Red Bull and packet drinks, and stationery, he says. Serving as student council president gave Joel the opportunity to gain experience in planning and executing events. “These skills cannot be taught in textbook reading. You need to deal with people in real-life situations. For instance, when you meet potential sponsors, they will ask for your business plans.” Leadership lessons from Joel The importance of patience - different people work at different speeds; you can’t rush things when others are simply not ready. The skill in handling people, leveraging on their strengths and showing them how to overcome their weaknesses. “As a leader, you've got to show your team how to improve and shine in their role.” One leadership role for Joel and his team was their collaboration with outside organisations. “We collaborated with the Children’s Cancer foundation as one way to give back to society and also as an avenue for our student councillors to learn to work with outside institutions.” Joel Ho receiving his award from Sylvia Yeo, head of Higher Education, SIM GE - Interviewed in December 2012, posted on 18 January 2013