Isaac Liu

I want to understand how and why the world works.
Discover SIM GE Singapore spotlight in Mexico: Isaac Liu (right) with fellow SIM GE student Firdaus Iskandar Shah in Mexico City to help promote Singapore culture and business HE ENJOYS studying Political Science. He wants to know if there is a common bond that ties people together despite the complex and potentially divisive scenarios taking place in the world today. As a student of International Relations (IR) with Political Science as one of its fundamental subjects, Isaac Liu Cheng Chun seeks to understand how individuals contribute towards societal complexities that are divisive. “We are not big enough to effect change,” is a common excuse used by most people, but it’s an excuse Isaac refuses to accept. He points to ongoing issues such as the displacement of millions of people from their homeland that are mostly caused by instability and wars. Yet, Isaac reasons, the improvement of these issues over time, shows that they could be fundamentally resolved - if humanity unites. The 23-year-old student with a cosmopolitan outlook, says his stand was derived from the constant thought-provocative experience and personal reflection while being challenged during an international scholars’ symposium organised in Hong Kong by the Humanitarian Affairs, a UK-based social enterprise (photo below) Speaking out for humanity: Isaac (right) with Kim Solomon, Secretary-General of the Humanitarian Affairs at the University Scholars’ Leadership Symposium 2015 in Hong Kong International Leadership Now a second-year student at SIM-University of London’s BSc (Hons) International Relations programme, Isaac is involved in many pursuits relating to IR. This year (2015), he serves as Youth Director in SIM Global Education’s Career Development Office, under its Talent Development Programme. Through the programme, he was exposed to several internal and external activities by SIM GE Student Life Division - that provided him with a new world-view. “For example, I was invited to be a delegate in several international events, such as the Spotlight Singapore 2015 in Mexico City, the Global Village for Future Business and Industry Leaders forum in Lehigh University, University Scholars’ Leadership Symposium in Hong Kong and the East Asian Summit Symposium 2015 in Singapore,” he says. “As part of the expansive initiatives offered by SIM GE’s Career Development Office, I also head the International Relations and Entrepreneurship Career Chapters of the Career Development Intern Organisation (CDIO). My role as the chapter’s first chairperson is not only to establish a strong foundation and framework, but also to ensure that the chapter serves the needs of the students by being relevant and applicable.” Isaac reveals that he also leads the TEDxSIM steering committee. The event is the first-ever SIM student-led event with all three entities as stakeholders. “This is an initiative, supported by SIM GE’s Global Learning Department, that I hope will be a meaningful fruition come November 2016.The philosophy of this event would be ‘by the students, for the students, from the students’. All speakers of the event will therefore be students from SIM.” Outside of school, Isaac serves as a voluntary officer with the Singapore Boys Brigade, 63rd Company. He conducts drills and life skills training for secondary school students and mentors the older leaders (Primers) of the company. Life Philosophy “I believe everyone is part of someone else’s life for a reason,” says Isaac. “It is akin to a value-chain process of a product whereby the product is the individual’s life and the ‘value-added’ portion is all the people that he or she meets in life. This is why I am passionate about being the change in someone else’s life.” Life is too short for regrets, he notes. “But we should know that it is long enough for us to constantly reflect and learn from it. Then as we pass what we’ve learned to the next generation, we hope to see a better community and society, and ultimately a better world.” One of the books that has undoubtedly shaped his world-view is by Dr Tim Elmore, entitled Habitudes. “It is a very short book that I would read once a week to help me reflect and think about my personal life,” Isaac adds. Su español es muy Bueno! Isaac and Mohammed Faiz bin Kamal share a moment with the locals at Zócalo, Mexico City Student Life At SIM GE “I think student life in SIM GE is vibrant. There is a place for everyone and anyone,” he notes. “You only have to be willing and open-minded in pursuing your interests.” Take for example the Talent Development Programme that he is serving. “We reach out to the entire student population. As much as I want the programme to expand and grow, I know that it is more important that those who join the programme be willing and dedicated of their pursuit. This makes them more driven. Often resulting in them taking ownership of the empowerment seriously.” His parting words: “I challenge everyone to make a difference in your society. It does not have to be a huge action. Dream big, start small, and go deep. After all, circumstance is what make you and I different.” Posted online, 18 December 2015