Violet Weng

I have dedicated my career to market research for the past 11 years. Up till now, I am still in love with my job and enjoy myself at work every day.
News & Events News & Events News & Events Highlights Violet Weng is able to put the knowledge that she has acquired from an economics and finance degree to good use as she spearheads market research efforts at her company. She unveils what it takes to thrive in a fast-paced industry. Fill in the blank with the adjective that describes yourself best: I am passionate Please elaborate on why you chose the adjective above. I have dedicated my career to market research for the past 11 years. Up till now, I am still in love with my job and enjoy myself at work every day. Outside of work, I am a huge fan of sports. I have a weekly routine workout training session for Barre, Pilates, HIIT (high-intensity training) and swimming. Why did you choose to pursue a part-time degree at SIM-RMIT? I was working full-time at the world’s second-largest research company when I was 20 years old and was given the opportunity to gain exposure and work in Hong Kong. I was promoted after one and a half years and it made me re-think the need for university education. I was looking for a tertiary education that would equip me with the relevant industry knowledge and to help broaden my horizon. The part-time degree was most suited for me as it fulfilled my interest in enriching my knowledge in the financial and banking sectors, allowing me to further progress in my career. Has the RMIT degree programme at SIM GE equipped you for your current job? The degree is instrumental in helping me build a foundational understanding of the financial industry. The various projects (Investment Law, Investment Principles etc.) that I was involved in have given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge to real-life case studies. The classroom dynamics was fun and enriching where I got to meet classmates from different industry backgrounds. You started out as a Project Manager and rose through the ranks to become an Associate Director. What do you think are the keys to your success? Be humble, people-oriented, and client-centric. Always carry a curious mind. In a constantly changing world, stay hungry and foolish. Tell us about the ways in which the corporate world has shaped you to become who you are today. I have learned to position myself not just as a consumer insight expert but also a business partner to all my clients. A strong sense of entrepreneurship is shaped through managing more and more client accounts and being responsible for the revenue and profits of my team. What type of boss would you consider yourself to be? I am an independent, straightforward, commercially-driven and internationally-minded team leader. I manage a team of five people, three of whom are based in the Kuala Lumpur office while two others are based in the Singapore office. I encourage each team member to be independent, passionate and pragmatic. Most importantly, I respect their own unique personalities and perspectives. Any advice for those who aspire to excel in the corporate world? Love what you do and don’t complain. Instead, make a real change or impact through your own actions. Be kind to everyone around you - even the toilet cleaner. Try to remember the name of the person who is in the lowest position. #IChoseTheSIMPathway #ThisIsMyStory Click here to learn more about the programmes awarded by RMIT University. Posted online, 02 May 2019