Tan Pei Ying

Through the establishment of this SIM GE Donation Fund. I would like to render some help so that others have a chance to realise their dreams too.
She has always enjoyed volunteering to help those in need.

Tan Pei Ying recently reached out to fellow students by donating generously to the SIM GE Donation Fund. Bursaries are disbursed through this fund to help needy students defray their study expenses at SIM GE.

The SIM-University of London (UOL) BSc (Honours) in Economics and Management graduate shares more about her passion in providing help to the community.

Furthering Her Studies At SIM GE

“I was seeking a full-time degree programme after working close to eight years. SIM GE emerged as the distinct choice for its global outlook, ability to take into consideration the different learning needs of students across ages and its emphasis on total development- not just in academic abilities."

“The rigorous UOL academic curriculum has trained me to think on my feet independently in my current job within the legal industry. In the working world, you are often expected to function with minimal instructions or guidance. The ability to be independent gives me the confidence to make decisions at work.”

A Heart For The Community

“Volunteering comes naturally to me as I was part of the St John Ambulance Brigade in Secondary School, and a strong advocate of animal welfare. I believe every effort can improve the standard of animal welfare in Singapore and make life better for our community.”

“I was the co-founder of Feline Friends of Singapore from 2013 to 2016, providing assistance to a lady with more than 60 cats in her flat. The case was fully resolved in 2016 with the help from the Town Council, Housing Development Board and grassroots leaders, including the constituency's Members of Parliament. Currently, I am co-running Team Dakota (Facebook: Dakota Cats Cry Out for Help) that manages the issues of mass pet cat abandonment in the Dakota Crescent estate which is slated for enbloc.”

“It may surprise many that animal welfare issues tend to inter-link with certain pre-existing social-economic problems faced by our human population segments. Volunteering gave me a better understanding of the complex social issues faced by individuals in need."

“Recently, I participated in a regular wish list project with one of the home care service providers in Singapore… we should always remember that there are less fortunate people who are living among us, and every helping hand counts.”

Extending A Helping Hand

“I experienced the difficulties that a person with financial constraints would face. In order to pursue my full-time degree, I gave up a stable income job, even though I had to support my elderly parents and housing expenditure. During my toughest time, I was blessed to receive help from a close friend of mine. Through the establishment of this SIM GE Donation Fund, I would like to render some help so that others have a chance to realise their dreams too."

Dare To Be Different

“Do not be afraid of being different, a different choice does not mean a wrong choice. It is easy to conform to societal expectations, but it takes courage and determination to do something different from what others believe in. It may sometimes be a lonely journey, but believe in yourself and go for it. Your life is yours to decide, make the best out of it.”

--- Posted online, 30 March 2017