Sara Shamini

The programme taught me both the hard and soft aspects of engineering management such as people & organisation, strategy and innovation and other useful subjects.
Discover SIM GE Masters in the family: Top student Sara (Master with Distinction) with her parents (left), husband, sister and brother-in-law (the latter two hold Masters of Finance from SIM-RMIT University). WORKING on assignments until 3 o’clock in the morning, and drinking coffee to stay awake, was part of Sara Shamini’s routine for two years when she was studying for her Master of Science in Engineering Business Management. It was a similar story for more than 50 others who received their Master’s or Post-Graduate Diploma on September 18, 2015 at the SIM-University of Warwick graduation. The Warwick programmes are offered under two specialisations: Engineering Business Management and Supply Chain & Logistics Management. Students enrol at either the MSc or Post-Graduate Diploma level. Sara, 32, who holds a Bachelor in mechanical engineering from Nanyang Technological University, is Head of Quality Assurance in a civil service organisation. She enrolled with Warwick to deepen her knowledge and improve her skill in process management, quality assurance, audit and safety. Her MSc is the engineering equivalent of an MBA. For another student, Pratul Hegde, who receives his MSc in Supply Chain & Logistics Management, he enrolled in the programme because he believes e-commerce is the future. And for e-commerce to be successful it must be run by people who are knowledgeable about supply chain and logistics management. Pratul, 26, who holds a Bachelor in mechanical engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University in Bangalore, India, works at logistics giant DHL Express in its Singapore hub as a global quality control centre specialist. He keeps track of delivery for premium customers. Visvesvaraya is among the largest universities in India. One of the rewards of post-graduate studies is to transfer the knowledge gained into the workplace, says Professor Lord Bhattacharya, chairman and founder of WMG at the University of Warwick. WMG manages the programmes at the SIM campus. - Posted online, 21 September 2015 Pratul chose Singapore because the education provided by Warwick at SIM is the same as that in the UK, but a lot more affordable