Lin Ling

It was through my student life journey that I was able to discover myself and where my true passion lies.
Discover SIM GE Lin Ling at art jamming, one of the many initiatives organised by Student Care Department. Settling into life as an international student in Singapore was an especially tough ask for Lin Ling as she didn’t have a good grasp of the English language. As someone who was naturally reserved, adapting to a new environment seemed like a mountain to climb for the Chinese student. But things took a turn for Lin Ling when she joined SIM GE after completing her O Levels. She blossomed from a wallflower into an inspiring leader during her time here. “It all started when I joined the Certificate in Management Foundation Studies programme at SIM. My classmates were really helpful and would explain questions to me when I didn’t understand them,” shares Lin Ling. “They did this by guiding me every step of the way. They would let me write my answers down before explaining, so I was able to pick things up faster. Their little acts of kindness left a mark on me and I felt inspired to help others in the same manner. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and joined SIM’s student clubs to achieve this.” One of the first clubs that Lin Ling joined was SIM Peer Mentors, a student community focusing on promoting care and support and facilitating social integration among students. Working alongside committed and driven student leaders to organise events was particularly inspiring for her and their stardust rubbed off on her. “We had to work alongside each other for many events and I picked up new skills from my seniors. As I grew more involved in activities, I also learned to be more outspoken,” she says. “Working on orientation programmes such as Breaking Boundaries, an orientation programme for international students that enables them to integrate better into student life was particularly fulfilling for me as I got to watch the process of how the students were able to adapt to their new environment. Today, some of them have become Peer Mentors themselves.” As Lin Ling grew out of her shell, she was inspired to do more to help fellow students. She made the bold move of taking up the role of president upon joining the Chinese National Network, a club that strengthens bonds between international Chinese students. “I volunteered for the role of president because I wanted to take up the responsibility of growing this community of students and ensuring that they didn’t feel so lonely here.” In her time as president, the club witnessed exponential growth of about five times, drawing over 500 members. She also took up the role of president at SIM’s student representative body, leading a group of students from diverse backgrounds through various programmes that educate prospective students and the general public on various programmes and student life at SIM GE. Lin Ling (left) being presented with a certificate for her active involvement and achievements at the Student Leader Awards & Appreciation Night. Lin Ling (third from left) was selected by SIM Young Entrepreneur Network and was appointed team leader of the Singapore team for the Asian Student Venture Forum in South Korea. Lin Ling also joined clubs such as iCare and the SIM Young Entrepreneurs Network where she picked up new skills and worked with many dynamic founders from start-up companies. While occupying herself with student club activities, Lin Ling ensured that she was able to devote time to her studies. She went on to take up a Diploma in Management Studies and later graduated with second-upper class honours from the SIM-University Of London BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance programme. Lin Ling with her hand painted poster at the ‘M.A.D (Make A Difference) Heroes’ event, an SIM Peer Mentors flagship event. She is currently pursuing her ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and has landed a job as a wedding planner at The Wedding Entourage, an established wedding company in Singapore. “While I do enjoy accounting and my degree certainly arms me for the business world, there was this sparkle in my heart when it came to event planning and I discovered this when planning events in SIM. It was through my student life journey that I was able to discover myself and where my true passion lies.” “Why weddings? It’s because I feel that unlike corporate events which often tend to be similar year after year, weddings have a strong emotional aspect to it and each wedding is unique because each couple is unique,” she quips. The future does indeed look bright for this alumni who is following her heart. Posted online, 09 November 2018