Khairul Fahmi

The lessons are always interactive and the lecturers are constantly challenging us to think on our feet.
Discover SIM GE Making the most of his time at SIM GE Khairul has always been curious about big data and what the numbers really mean. That’s why he chose to pursue his marketing degree at the University of Southampton. It offers him a strong foundation in the principles of marketing while augmenting that with the latest concepts in data analytics. The course also provides him with access to industry professionals, giving him the opportunity to build valuable connections for his career. He also took the initiative to gain valuable real-world experience by pursuing a self-sourced 24-week internship at Nielsen. He opens up on what he gained from his time at SIM GE. On what it means to have a Global Edge “Global Edge is having the adaptability to understand different cultures and how you react to, learn from and engage with others.” Khairul’s course mates come from a number of countries. This allowed him to acclimatise to the international work environment when he took up his internship at Nielsen. On how SIM GE’s rich campus life open doors for him “Industry players often come in to give seminars about the industry. We are also always organising meet-ups with professionals to discuss on emerging trends in the field of marketing, while building up as much connections as we can.” On how he would describe SIM GE “It really draws out your adaptability! It is global and visionary. The lessons are always interactive and the lecturers are constantly challenging us to think on our feet.” On prospective students “Your hard and soft skills are what matter in the end, and these are the things that you can’t learn from your textbooks. What you get out of SIM GE is something of real value, not just a certificate that you’ll be graduating with.” Check out the University of Southampton’s degree programme offered at SIM Global Education. Learn more about the programmes available at SIM Global Education. View other alumni features. Posted online, 24 August 2018