Hmue Thiri Khit

As SIM has given me these scholarships, I must prioritise my academic grades. Since young, I have been very focused on my academics and I put a lot work into it. Moreover, it makes my parents and teachers proud of me and feel happy.
Discover SIM GE By Bianca, SIM-University of Birmingham student Despite having to leave her family back in Myanmar, it didn’t stop Hmue Thiri Khit from pursuing her studies in Singapore as a 15-year-old. Having graduated from the SIM GE Diploma in Accounting (DACC) programme, Thiri is currently pursuing her degree at SIM-University of London (UOL) in BSc (Honours) Accounting and Finance. Although Thiri and her parents had concerns over the affordability of an overseas education, being awarded scholarships lightened the financial burden. The scholarships have driven her to give her best in SIM GE. “I’m so grateful that I had scholarships for my diploma and degree programmes. I think I’m helping my parents a lot, because we are still not in a very well-off situation. Without these scholarships at SIM GE, I would have not been able to further my studies here,” she says. Making a decision to join SIM GE was an easy one for her. “A lot of my seniors back home in Myanmar chose to come to Singapore and SIM GE is a popular choice for students that want to go for business. Before finishing high school, I had a good impression of SIM as it was a popular choice among students.” However, before coming to Singapore, Thiri had not lived on her own, so adapting to a new environment was challenging for her. “I didn’t really know how to take care of myself when I first came here. I felt homesick and missed my parents,” she shares. “I decided to join the Myanmar Community in SIM (MYSIM) as I felt closer to home through the bonds I formed with the members.” Thiri recognises that soft skills are very important. Back then in her school, she didn’t get many opportunities to hone them. In SIM GE, Thiri tapped on opportunities to join co-curricular activities like MYSIM, IMMIX (SIM International Multicultural Mix), and became a Student Representative to build on her skills in communications, teamwork, and leadership. “I value meeting people from different countries. I’m now currently the Vice President of IMMIX. IMMIX is a club which consists of student from different countries and cultures. My department in the club is known as Special Project 1. It focuses on education where we teach and learn about different cultures. I’m also an Executive Committee Director of Marketing and Communication Division of SIM GE Student Representatives.” Though she is involved in many activities, Thiri never loses focus on her studies. Thiri manages to balance her studies and social life. “As SIM has given me these scholarships, I must prioritise my academic grades. Since young, I have been very focused on my academics and I put a lot work into it. Moreover, it makes my parents and teachers proud of me and feel happy.” She lives not to regret things and wants to make the most of her school life before stepping into the working world. “I have dreams for the future; the first is to continue my masters and my final dream is to start a school in my country. It’s always been what I have loved to do since young. I think education runs in my blood because my mother is a lecturer of a university." “I also had two internships for teaching in Myanmar at Phaung Daw Oo Monastic School for orphans and less fortunate students as well as in MCTA RVi Academy, an international school where I graduated from. In MCTA, I learned more about how a school works and being a teacher is more than just teaching. It made me happy to be a teacher and friend to them,” she quips. Through a successful career, Thiri hope to support her family financially in the future. “I want my little brother who is nine to attend an international school for better education opportunities, so that my brother could have the same experience as me,” she adds. Thiri believes that the programmes and modules taught in SIM GE will be a stepping stone to a successful career. “I realise that the business related modules taught here such as Human Resources Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance are all interconnected and you need them to do your job well,” she comments. Having adapted to life in Singapore, Thiri is assured that in order to succeed, it is important to have a strong will. “It’s a big step to pursue an education overseas especially when you are so young but you must always believe in yourself and never easily give up. There are a lot of sacrifices involved such as time and money when pursuing my degree. Hence, I have to be serious and give my best in everything that I do and I’m confident that I’ll be able to succeed,” she says. Posted online, 04 June 2018