Wu You

Without this knowledge, I wouldn’t have been able to run the businesses smoothly. I still go back to the textbook whenever I need it.
Discover SIM GE The fear of failure hasn’t held international student Wu You (pictured above) back from accomplishing his goals. In fact, it is this same fearless spirit that has seen him thrive amidst uncertainty to accomplish his entrepreneurial dreams. Wu You, who recently graduated from his Diploma in Management Studies at SIM has always harboured “dreams of running a business of his own”. Having picked up important business principles that were taught during his diploma course, he wasted no time in starting two business ventures shortly after graduating. “As I grew up in a family who run a business, I have always been passionate about running one of my own ever since I was young. My drive to succeed was stronger than any doubts that I had. I’m currently running two businesses. I am operating an import and export business- my company has a range of products from food ingredients to raw materials for animal feeds. “My second business was started together with four of my friends. The café is for LAN (local-area network) gamers to come together and enjoy a comfortable gaming experience. What’s different about this café is that apart from the cosy ambience that we have, we also serve food and drinks such as waffles, ice-cream, coffee and tea,” shares Wu You. Wu You is also quick to acknowledge how the course has armed him with the confidence and the practical skills to run his businesses. “The diploma programme taught me a lot of leadership skills. As there are many different members during group projects, someone has to take the lead. Even though I was an international student from China, I wasn’t hesitant to step up to lead when we faced issues during group discussions. This helped in cultivating my boldness and confidence. “More importantly, this course is like a textbook to the world of business. There were many important principles that were taught such as negotiation skills, marketing techniques and even setting up a website for business purposes. Without this knowledge, I wouldn’t have been able to run the businesses smoothly. I still go back to the textbook whenever I need it,” he reveals. His pursuit for acquiring business skills led him to be one of the outstanding performers for his course. Wu You graduated with a Certificate of Commendation. He plans to continue sharpening his business skills as he pursues his degree in International Business at SIM-University of Birmingham. “You can never stop learning and I hope to gain more in-depth knowledge that will further enhance my business skills- especially on an international front. It’s important to learn these skills especially in a globalised world,” he notes. Wu You adds that his time at SIM GE has also equipped him with a global edge, having met international students from various countries. “SIM GE is a place where you will meet students from different countries and backgrounds and I believe this is something that will give me an added advantage in the business world as I have developed a better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds,” he says. Posted online, 22 June 2017