Wu Peicong

Finance leaders are enablers in many ways and the best ones are those who are passionate about helping their people succeed.
Discover SIM GE Getting a Master of Science (MSc) in Professional Accountancy degree and an ACCA Qualification, both at the same time, is indeed a fulfilling accomplishment that saves time and cost for many ACCA students. For SIM-University of London (UOL) student, Wu Peicong, who was already an ACCA member prior to enrolling for the programme, pursuing the MSc helps him stay competitive in the industry. Staying relevant through higher learning “Since completing the ACCA examinations in 2004, I have been working for more than 10 years in the field of auditing, finance and accountancy. Self-renewal has never been a more important personal agenda. To remain at the peak of my performance, I find a compelling need to expand my mind through higher learning.” “The MSc programme can be taken via two channels: Online independent learning or via local institutional support. Due to my work demands and family commitments, I found that it was more practical for me to study for this course through institutional support. Through a course preview talk at SIM Global Education, I was convinced that the institution took pains to ensure quality learning experience for their students. Classes are conducted at the SIM campus and I value a classroom setting which enables me to interact and share experiences, face-to-face, with my lecturers and course mates.” Supporting classmates from varied backgrounds “There are 22 of us who come from different sectors such as auditing, accounting and banking. Some are preparing for career advancement, while a few are just starting their careers. In spite of our other commitments, we do our homework and try to add value to each discussion in class. And at crunch time, we lift one another up, making this journey more bearable. I think the MSc programme and camaraderie among us have impacted our lives and we are planning to attend the graduation ceremony at UOL to have a memorable time together in London in 2019.” On overcoming challenges “While report-writing is commonplace for me, academic essay-writing is a different ball game. Sometimes, even after gathering the necessary information, I struggle to type anything that sounds coherent on the word file. This is when I find organising my thoughts on paper useful. This may sound like an old school way of doing things, but it has served me well. It is also less tiring for the eyes.” Inspired and passionate for current job “The financial leadership role is a strategic one and can act as a catalyst of change and spur innovation in a company to cope with today’s business challenges. Finance leaders are enablers in many ways and the best ones are those who are passionate about helping their people succeed. I took up the role of Financial Controller gladly, firm in the belief that I can do the job well.” Becoming a better finance professional “I believe that the course will enable me and everyone who is working with me to improve our work practices and decision-making and shape me and my team into better finance professionals who will be confident in facing challenges.” On future plans “Having enjoyed the lectures during my ACCA studies, I am inspired to be a lecturer with the privilege of grooming future generations of finance professionals. To prepare myself for this noble role, I recently joined the ACCA Singapore Toastmasters Club to train with fellow ACCA members and toastmasters to become better communicators and leaders. In the meantime, I will seek out opportunities to speak in technical seminars and touch lives through education.” Advice to prospective students “It is not difficult to see how the master’s degree can complement our ACCA membership. The question is not whether to but when to take up the course. Most of the time, it is better to start sooner than later.” “The course is challenging. It is a whole lot of work and discipline. The lecturers will do their part; you have to do yours. Seek help and support one another. When you are alone you can run fast. If you want to run far, you have to run together.” For more information on UOL’s MSc in Professional Accountancy, click here. SkillsFuture Study Award for Accountancy Sector available for Singaporeans who qualify. Click here to find out more. Posted online, 29 September 2017 Updated on 7 September 2018: Peicong graduated in 2018 and is currently the Financial Controller at Reclaims Enterprise.