Victor Chay

I believe in humility and hard work and I see the differences that it makes.
Discover SIM GE Victor (right), helped organised the 2nd CEO Dialogue at SIM Global Education on Nov 29, 2013. The speakers, from left, were property tycoon Dato Eric Cheng, SIM GE’s CEO Adjunct Professor KC Lee, and sportsman and CEO of non-profit Singapore Sailing Federation, Tan Wearn Haw ONE of SIM Global Education’s top scholars, Victor Chay, has been recognised nationally for his contribution while serving National Service. Victor, 24, who was president of SIM GE’s Scholars’ Network in 2013-2014, was conferred the NSF of the Year 2012 award by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long. During full-time NS from 2010-2012, Victor was servicing F16 planes. “My mindset at that time was that since I was here, I have a job to do, and I ought to do it well. I realised too the importance of National Service and my role in the scheme of things. I won the Outstanding Serviceman award in my squadron in November 2011 and the NSF of the Year award, Air Combat Command, in 2012.” As president of the Scholars Network - a group of more than 30 scholars - he organised several meaningful community service activities, leadership workshops, and the 2nd CEO Dialogue at SIM GE premises. “When I was serving my National Service, I learnt the importance of gratitude and the spirit of humility. Now, it’s my way of giving back to SIM for providing me a holistic education, by spending my time leading and developing the Scholars’ Network,” he says. “My father showed me how to be a responsible man.” Victor explains that his father works as a factory technician repairing machinery. “He earns just over $2,000 a month but because he is savvy in investing his savings in shares, he has enough money to send my sister to study in the UK, spending about $100,000 on her. Now he’s sponsoring my studies at Manchester (2014).” Never daunted by the challenges he face everyday, Victor advises, “I believe in humility and hard work and I see the differences that it makes.” With this philosophy, Victor has proved himself to be an exemplary student and a role model to his peers. Victor did his SIM-University of Manchester’s BSc (Hon) in Management programme from 2013-2014. On his choice of Manchester, he says: “I like the university because it is well-established. I did some background research before I enrolled, and found out that the university’s business school is among the top in the world. It also boasts 25 Nobel Prize winners.” The BSc programme covers the entire range of management subjects, from marketing and Human Resource to strategy and investment. Apply classroom lessons to real life "The concepts I learnt from the International Business programme came pretty handy. Topics such as modes of entry, mergers and acquisitions are in fact very common in the world of business. I just got to understand them better. "The lecturers were very approachable and friendly. I did manage to have a meal with them when they were here. I must thank Dr Laura Haar for her great teachings and her mind-boggling lectures. She also give great advice. "I guess that the university helped me in being more independent and hungry in learning. I realised that learning never stops, and even today I still read up on my textbooks to refresh my memory on what I’ve learnt. "Management is really a multi-tasking process. Currently I am a branch manager with BreadTalk, a food manufacturing company, and I have to deal with various aspects of the business, from operations, finance, HR and marketing, to dealing with government agencies. "I have a classmate who is now my colleague at BreadTalk. I have another friend now working on talent management in Deloitte. There’s yet another friend who has started his own e-commerce business. They are pretty much busy in their lives after graduation. “My long-term career goal is still tentative,” he says. “The world is changing fast, and I don’t know what industry I like to work in; perhaps a high-tech company or a logistics firm or a company handling FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods).” Victor has some tips for new students: If you're working in the day and attending class at night, the best way to absorb your lesson well is to form a study group. Students in the group will help one another, thus reducing the time taken for study and preparing for exams. - Article by SIM GE student blogger and writer Stella Quek, published in VIBES magazine, Jan-Jun 2014, updated on August 28, 2015 Victor (front, third from right) with his fellow SIM scholars (Nov 2013) All the best from PM Lee October 20, 2013 at 6:07pm Was happy to hear from Victor Chay, whom I met exactly a year ago at the NS45 Commemorative Dinner. He gave me permission to share his email with you. Glad that his NS memories continue to have such a profound effect on his steadfast attitude towards life. All the best in your studies, Victor! - LHL