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SIM lecturers have also taught us to drill down and pinpoint the important parts of the course contents.
Discover SIM GE Chin Wei (right) scores 100 marks for Managerial Economics with patient coaching from lecturer Sovan SHE was a science stream student throughout her secondary school days, but what she has studied up to A Level couldn’t generate enough interest for her to make a long-time career choice. See Chin Wei who was the Silver Award winner in the SIM-University of London’s BSc (Hons) in Accounting & Finance at the convocation in April 2015, says she didn’t have a shred of accountancy knowledge before she enrolled in university. But she turned to business-related courses and chose accountancy since she was comfortable with numbers and calculations. Chin Wei, 23, is currently an Assistant Accountant at JTB Pte Ltd, part of a Japanese MNC in the travel industry. “I have also started my ACCA part-time course since January, 2015. I’m now juggling between work and studies!” On her choice of profession, Chin Wei says: “I believed that an accounting degree provides a wide range of job opportunities across different industries, since financial expertise is needed in every company.” Exam Success In her full-time study stint at the SIM campus, Chin Wei achieved a score above 70 for all her subjects. “The best result I have gotten was 100 marks for Managerial Economics (ME) in 2013. In fact, there were another three students at SIM who also achieved full marks that year. “I had to give credit to Mr Sovan, our ME lecturer who went through the effort and patience to teach us the conceptual ideas behind ME. What he taught us were not only for passing exam but to build up on our foundation in Economics, so that we were ready to tackle all kinds of questions that might crop up during exam. “It was also no surprise to me that ME became my favourite subject throughout my tertiary stint. I really enjoyed studying it. It was one subject that requires minimal memorising, but leans more towards problem-solving and critical thinking skills - something akin to Mathematics.” On her study secrets, Chin Wei says: “Since UOL is a fully exam-based programme, I focused mainly on past years’ papers during my revision before each exam. By reviewing the past questions and the examiners’ commentaries thoroughly, I became very familiar with the examination style and the examiners’ expectations. “SIM lecturers have also taught us to drill down and pinpoint the important parts of the course contents.” Lone Survivor In her free time, Chin Wei watches a lot of movies. "Often from these movies I gained inspiration and a new perspective on life. "One of my favourites is Lone Survivor, based on the true story about a failed US Navy SEALs operation to take out a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. The team was surrounded and attacked by a much larger Taliban force and only one SEAL member survived. It was heart-breaking to see how these brave men fought relentlessly, despite being outnumbered and outgunned. They remained fearless in the face of death. "It struck me how strong the human willpower could be. Moreover, for young people like me who are living in a comfort zone, there is no reason for us to give up in the face of difficulties. We must possess a strong determination to see through every choice we've made." Chin Wei likes to watch movies for inspiration and a fresh perspective - Posted online, 30 April 2015