Sameeksha Asher

Studying in Singapore among congenial companions from different cultures has really broadened my perspective.
Discover SIM GE Trekking the Lake District beloved of English Romantic poets: Sameeksha (left) and her pals during their semester at Birmingham in the north of England Going overseas to chase that coveted degree can be costly. A Student Ambassador from India tells how she gets the same overseas experience nearer home Sameeksha Asher from Chennai, India, wanted an overseas university education where she could acquire business skills and knowledge. Her destination must be a place safe, inexpensive, rich in diverse cultures, and with lots of yummy, interesting food. Singapore triumphs over other locations for her. Taking the first steps Besides studies, Sameeksha loves go-kart racing and the accompanying adrenalin rush. She was a champion go-karter in India in 2010. After completing her Indian School Certificate exam, she had to decide whether to become a professional go-kart racer or to become an entrepreneur. She chose the latter, which required her to enroll in business studies, hence her search for a tertiary institution. On the Web, she found the SIM Global Education Web site (what you're reading now) which provided her with detailed information on undergraduate study in Singapore. The staff at SIM GE also helped her prepare her application which required much documentation before she could travel to Singapore. On arrival, Sameeksha enrolled in a 15-month SIM Diploma in Management Studies in July 2012. This programme provides the necessary qualification for many students whose secondary school education is inadequate to enter university. With the DMS, Sameeksha went directly into the 2nd year of the BSc (Hons) Business Management at the University of Birmingham, taught at SIM GE campus. She is graduating this year (2014). All the Birmingham Bachelor’s programmes at SIM GE are taught by lecturers from Birmingham, England. The course structure comprises assignments, projects and exams. “The course has a good mix of quantitative and qualitative course modules that have provided me with an overall understanding of business academia” says Sameeksha. She feels it has given her a practical and holistic education. She also attended one semester in 2013 at the Birmingham home campus. Life as a student representative Life at SIM GE isn’t just lectures and study. Sameeksha takes an active part in the social events on campus. She’s a Student Representative who helps to conduct orientation tours for new students and guide them in paperwork and other administration matters. Sameeksha is also a student writer for SIM GE publications as well as Student Ambassador during Open House days twice a year. The most interesting aspect of CCA activities for her is the opportunity to make friends with students from many different Asian countries, learn their cultures and customs, and enjoy their company. “I now have friends from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar,” she says. “Studying in Singapore among congenial companions from different cultures has really broaden my perspective and provided me with a ‘global’ experience.” Looking into the future when she graduates and returns home, Asher says she will remember fondly every minute she has spent as a student in Singapore, even those stressful periods before exams. “My study and experience have altered the way I face life’s many different situations. I now have the confidence to know that I can handle most challenges that life throws in my way.” Text by Nay Chi (left, interviewing Sameeksha); posted online January 21, 2014. Nay Chi, 23, is a final-year student with the University of London’s Bachelor in Accounting and Finance - Interviewed, posted online, Jan 21, 2014