Kevin Santoso Budiharto

What I like most about SIM is that this institution provides me with a freedom to choose whatever I think is best for me in terms of personal development.
Discover SIM GE Full dress rehearsal three hours before the public performance By Kevin Santoso Budiharto, the main director of UNDO the musical RUIN your relationship with your family and friends, mess up your life and then go back in time to undo it with the help of your fairy grandmother. That’s the plot of UNDO, a well-imagined story and musical presented by Indonesian students of SIM Global Education in January 2013. The idea was based on the traditional Chinese convention of life and social activities being centred around the family. UNDO depicts some of the conflicts and sibling clashes that challenge and subvert the core values of a typical Chinese family. Student directors carried out audition of potential performers for cast, dance and singing. During each audition, the performers were evaluated on their commitment and talent. About 40 performers including extras were selected. Preparation began in December. By January, rehearsal was carried out daily. Throughout the preparation, two pressing concerns stood out: the lack of experience and the lack of time! Scenes from UNDO the musical Pressing concerns and deadlines As production was carried out by members of InSIM (the Indonesian student interest club) who had little basic knowledge about the theatre, managing the entire event grew complicated. Working against deadlines also put the cast and production team under tremendous pressure, and one consequence was that a lot of details were left out. But when the curtains rose on the evening of January 30, 2013, the audience was held spellbound. And when the curtains fell, our entire team breathed a collective sigh of relief. We find it very challenging to both learn and enjoy the process of theatre. In the end, whatever the outcome was, all of us felt it was worth it. Lasting memory Our producer, Robby Setiawan, says: “I won’t talk about the hardships we’ve been through because we all know it is hard, what I will mention is that I have yet another lasting happy memory and this is definitely what theatre is all about.” To Karla Elizabeth, the play director, “it was a once in a lifetime experience. It was indeed not an easy job at the beginning, but with the hard work and determination, there was nothing impossible to create such a work of art.” And the last words come from Arlene Riady Kho, another play director: “It was the toughest, yet the most precious project I have ever accomplished in my performing and directing career.” Student leaders directing UNDO and other InSIM activities: Kevin Santoso Budiharto, 20, completed his SIM Diploma in Management Studies and enrolls in the SIM-University of Birmingham’s BSc (International Business) in 2013. He participated in the InSIM and Dreamwerkz clubs in SIM. “What I like most about SIM is that this institution provides me with a freedom to choose whatever I think is best for me in terms of personal development and also teaches me how to manage myself independently,” says Kevin. “I love making up stories, and making them live inside my head. Art is my passion and to live and work in a life surrounded by the beauty of art has always been my dream from the very beginning.” Karla Elizabeth Soejana, 20, is pursuing an SIM-UOL BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance programme, graduating in 2014. She’s involved in many student activities such as the badminton club and also served as a student representative. "SIM provides student with a diverse range of activities to supplement our learning experience outside the classroom,” Karla says of the CCA culture on campus. Karla’s long-term goal is to be a social entrepreneur who inspires people to change their lives. For the immediate future after graduation she wants to work in a multi-national corporation and develop skill sets that will help her realised her long-term goal. Arlene Riady Kho, 20, graduated with an SIM Diploma in Management Studies in 2012, and is now studying for the SIM-UOL BSc (Hons) in Economics and Finance. Arlene was a member of the cast in InSIM's 2012 "The Broken String" the musical. To him, the InSIM club is like a home away from home. “I met many friends and the whole experience really made me feel comfortable and happy even though I am studying overseas. After “The Broken String”, he joined the InSIM exco and became vice-president. For an entire year he worked with seven other Indonesian students to drive the club. “Initially, things were chaotic but as time went by, we began to get used to working together and we managed to organise big-scale events in 2012-2013, such as InSIMerdeka, Run InSIM Run, InSIM Halloween and UNDO the musical. “In a year, I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience, as well as 500 new friends.” Arlene is impressed with the environment and facilities at SIM campus. “I love just about everything in SIM, the clean and new building, the comfy classrooms, the teaching method, the nice and friendly employees, and of course the amazing friends. “I am proud to be an SIM student and I hope that SIM can further expand the facilities and teaching methods in the future.” Robby Setiawan Tan, 20, graduated with an SIM Diploma in Management Studies, and is currently with SIM-UOL BSc (Hons) in Economics & Finance. He hopes to do very well and continues with a Masters at LSE in London. Robby took part in the development of InSIM as club president in 2012. He’s also involved in the Basketball Club. His aspiration: “To start my own business and return to my hometown to be one of the key successes of Bali.” - Published online on May 6, 2013