Christopher Woon

I think the biggest trap to fall into today is to believe that your success (is) due to your individual efforts and your individual contributions.
Discover SIM GE In this ‘Confessions of SIMtrepreneur’ series, we feature four SIM GE alumni who have soared to great heights of success in the business world as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. They reveal their honest views on their, successes, struggles, and journey at SIM GE. Here are highlights of what they had to share. Christopher Woon SIM-University of London, BSc (Honours) in Banking And Finance (2005-2008) Learning has always been more than just about books and classes. At SIM GE, every student is equipped with skills and are given the platforms to hone them. From 30 May to 6 June 2018, I was given the opportunity together with three other students to take part in an annual prestigious global event called ‘UNLEASH’. The event is a gathering of 1,000 talents from over 100 countries to collaborate on solutions in order to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The experience was enriching and each one of us walked away with different takeaways in our strive to be better individuals that care for our society and the world that we live in. Here are our reflections. Thriving In A Collaborative Environment “For me, the biggest trap to fall into today is to believe that your success (is) due to your individual efforts and your individual contributions. And I believe as of today as we get more connected, it’s always a collaborative effort- be it top down with your boss, the team you’re working with or across functions. I believe that for me, where I am is purely due to the collaborative nature I was able to work in.” Making Career Choices “Why I moved on was (based on) the objectives that I set forth within these jobs. When I felt that it was already achieved and it’s time to improve other parts of my skillsets, I decided to move on. To be future-ready is to have ‘T-shaped’ competencies- to have depth in a couple of skills and to be broad enough to cover all sectors- which is the principle I’ve worked on and it’s how I guided my career decisions.” Sharpening Soft Skills “It boils down to the individual to utilise the available resources around them. So yes, I would say that it gave me a platform to learn how to interact with people, work as a team, come out of my shell and how to present my ideas. These are the soft skills, apart from the technical curriculum that you take away. All of this played a part in where I am today.” An Education Institution That Prepares You For The Future “I feel that SIM has a competitive edge in its global network... I would definitely send my kids there because that is the future with view of the economy in the region. So, someone who can survive and be future-ready is one who is able to work across regions, across cultures and be able to work with different business systems.” For Chris’ full interview, click here to watch Posted online, 11 April 2017 [rev_slider alias="sim-achievers-campaign-2019"]