Anting Deng

When you immerse yourself into giving your best and doing what you love, people will actually pick up on it and you’ll be surprised at the doors of opportunity that will open for you.
Discover SIM GE Do what you love and success will follow- these words hold true for Anting Deng (pictured above). The SIM-University of Stirling BA (Hons) in Retail Marketing graduate has carved out a successful career in which she is passionate about at YG Marketing Ptd Ltd, an apparel and fashion company. Anting first joined the company as a marketing executive in 2011 and has risen through the ranks to lead a team of 12 as business manager- an impressive feat indeed, considering that this was her first job upon graduation. “To have come this far, I believe it is due to having resilience, determination and a positive attitude. When you immerse yourself into giving your best and doing what you love, people will actually pick up on it and you’ll be surprised at the doors of opportunity that will open for you,” she says. But taking on leadership positions is not entirely new for this highly-driven alumna. Since her junior college days, Anting has always been inspired to take up leadership responsibilities and has organised several school and community events. Her positive spirit has enabled her to shine at school and she has picked up awards along the way. Anting first joined SIM as a Diploma in Management Studies student in 2007. “I decided to take the diploma route because it gave me wider exposure to people from different walks of life. I chose SIM as the diploma programmes allowed me to gain direct entry to a wide range of undergraduate programmes and complete my degree studies in a shorter time,” she adds. She emerged as the top four of her cohort and went on to take up a Bachelor of Business Management (Management) degree at SIM-RMIT. As someone who has always been intrigued by the business world, it was only natural for her to pick the programme as she wanted to gain more business knowledge and insights. Anting also took up part-time jobs and internship positions at the People‘s Association and SIM’s Brand, Marketing & Recruitment (BMR) Division to financially support herself and further develop her skill sets. These responsibilities meant that Anting had to make sacrifices but they also helped in instilling self-discipline. “University is the time of life when everyone was having fun, going to parties and social gatherings but I had to be more disciplined. Eventually, it paid off because I learned to observe many different things while at work and it shaped me to who I am today,” shares Anting. Anting (left) on one of her business travels. While working part-time, she was able to form good connections and impressed others with her work ethic. She was eventually offered a full-time position at YG Marketing. Anting hit the ground running at her new job. “I remember being handed one of my first tasks which was a market report. Although it was supposed to be one of the more challenging tasks, I completed it in a short time and I was surprised and even wondered if I had done it the right way or if there was anything that I missed out! “The report was eventually sent to the U.S and it was well-received. I was given more opportunities to do market reports and presentations overseas. I believe the many reports and presentations I had to do during my time at RMIT really prepared me well,” she recounts. Anting (third from right) pictured during one of her presentations in Taipei. Anting (third from right in front row) and an international team and partners show their fun side on a business trip. Her hard work and determination has seen her soar to new heights in her career. Anting was given the opportunity to present in countries all across the world such as the U.S, France, Hong Kong and Japan. To further sharpen her knowledge and insights in her field of work, Anting pursued her Retail Marketing degree at SIM-University of Stirling and graduated with upper-second class honours. She currently spearheads her company’s retail operations in Singapore, leads the marketing team and plays an integral role in business development plans in the Southeast Asian region. She  is also in charge of managing and building global relationships. “It fascinates me and leaves me with a sense of achievement to see how the small dots connect and how the business has continued to expand and grow into a global business,” she remarks. Her advice for students who aspire to achieve success in their careers? “Stay humble and genuine. Keep an open mind and absorb knowledge and experiences like a sponge. Sometimes, you may think that there are things which you already know, but with a fresh perspective, there are always new things to learn and broaden your horizons. Stay true to who you are and when people see that you are genuine, they’ll enjoy working with you and you’ll forge strong working relationships and friendships,” she says. Posted online, 28 August 2018