Aaron Tai

The entire course has equipped me with the knowledge and skillsets that are practically useful for the workforce.
Discover SIM GE Despite the challenge of having to travel from Malaysia, his home country, to SIM GE for four hours each day, Aaron Tai (pictured above) remains focused and has set his sights on attaining his degree at SIM-University of Wollongong (UOW). The Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security) student’s perseverance and resilience have paid off as he has currently secured a job as a software engineer at a start-up company even before he graduates. Aaron shares more about his journey at SIM here… Thriving in A Conducive Work Environment “I took up a job in a start-up environment because I wanted to gain more operational and technical knowledge. “It’s a fun, flexible and challenging work environment, I am tasked with more responsibility here as compared to the other companies that I’ve worked in. Besides the nice working environment, I really love the family-like atmosphere here as the employees inspire one another in this small, close-knit team and we have fun every day. People are constantly laughing and talking to each other, and we take trips as a team annually that are sponsored by the company.” Equipped For The Workplace “The entire course has equipped me with the knowledge and skill sets that are practically useful for the workforce. The professional experiences shared by the educators motivates me to learn more and work harder all through my learning journey. “Apart from the educators, I met some friends at class that came from other countries and cultures with different personalities. There were some group projects which required us to work with different people - this has enhanced my social skills that are useful in my career.” Setting Priorities “Other than having to juggle work and my studies, I love music, photography, mountain climbing, basketball and I’m also a leader of a youth group in my church. “Time management is the key for multitasking. I always plan and write down my schedule for the day and try to keep to what I’ve planned. I’ve also learned to say ‘no’ to unnecessary activities.” A Message Of Encouragement For Students “Strive for the best by setting some achievable personal milestones all through your learning journey and of course try to live up to them. Keep yourself motivated with positive vibes by being around positive peers who share common goals. When studying for exams, my advice is to strive for understanding. Try to attempt to fully comprehend what you need to know so that the knowledge will be with you even after you've graduated.” Posted online, 16 March 2018