Master of Science in Professional Accountancy

University of London

Programme Overview

Academic Level
Academic Level


Awarded by
Awarded by

University of London, UK

Programme type
Programme type

Full-time & Part-time, Full-time: 6 months / Part-time: 1 year

Campus location
Campus location

SIM Campus

Application Dates
Application Dates

Part-time: Now till 1 Mar 2024 (local applicants) / Full-time: Now till 1 Sep 2024 (local applicants) | 28 Jul 2024 (international applicants)

Estimated Fees (incl. GST)
Estimated Fees

(incl. GST)*

S$13,850 to S$18,550

* All fees inclusive of current 9% GST (exclude textbooks / course materials, SIM application fee, preparatory / bridging course fee, and other fees). Refer to GST Notes under Fees Tab for more information.

Programme Outline

Awarded by University of London, UK and Developed by University College London, University of London, UK.

Stand out from the crowd

The degree is available for those who are a member of a listed professional accountancy body, such as ACCA, CPA, CIMA and many more. The programme not only adds value to accountants aspiring to senior roles, but also enables them to stand out from the crowd in terms of their qualifications. 

The MSc programme is available for both full-time and part-time study options options every April and October.

You will be able to complete this MSc programme in just 6 months under the full-time study mode or within 12 months under the part-time mode.

The Full Time MSc in Professional Accountancy programme teaches professional communication skills and encourages global networking opportunities.

Who is this programme for?

The part-time programme is ideal for members of professional accounting bodies who wish to upgrade their qualifications while gainfully employed. Accountants who wish to expedite their studies while working can opt for the full-time programme, whose classes take place on weekdays.

As is, most of the students in the full-time programme are from overseas, happy to experience life in vibrant Singapore while studying at SIM.

This programme prepares you for career advancements and opportunities globally.

Students in both the full-time and part-time programme will have the opportunity to network and learn from each other. The University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) also enables you to network with other professionals worldwide. You will be able to compare approaches, gain a global viewpoint and even share career opportunities globally.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will be able to:

  1. Develop an advanced understanding of financial models and management techniques.
  2. Understand complex models and concepts that underpin assumptions of value creation within organisations.
  3. Understand the complex internal and external relationships for organisations when management make decisions.

Further Studies & Career Prospects

Graduates may find themselves taking a major step towards developing an international or strategic focus within their careers. While some will accelerate their careers with existing employers, others can create a potential for change and pursue academia.

Major directions include jobs in business analysis and development, banking, management and strategy consulting, corporate finance and investment, human resource management and marketing.

Hear from our students
Ryan Peh
Ryan Peh

As an advocator of self-development and lifelong learning, Tax Manager, Ryan Peh embarked on his postgraduate journey with the SIM-University of London to stay competitive in the industry. Having picked up data analytical and critical-thinking skills, the SkillsFuture Study Award recipient aspires to be a subject expert in the industry upon completion of the Professional Accountancy programme.

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Why study at SIM x University of London

SIM is the leading private education institution in Singapore.
Excellent value with lower tuition costs in SIM.
Academic direction for this programme is provided by UCL, ranked 9th in the QS World University Rankings 2024.
UCL is 2nd in UK for research power according to Research Excellence Framework 2021.
Learn more about the University of London

Intake Dates

2024 Apr intake


Part-time: Apr 2024 – Apr 2025


Part-time: Now till 1 Mar 2024 (local applicants)

Applicants who have a valid employment pass by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower can be considered for admission to part-time study, under the local fee scheme.

2024 Oct intake


Full-time: Oct 2024 – Apr 2025


Full-time: Now till 1 Sep 2024 (local applicants) | 28 Jul 2024 (international applicants)

Applicants who have a valid employment pass by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower can be considered for admission to part-time study, under the local fee scheme.

Minimum / Maximum Candidature Period
Full-time: 6 months / 5 years
Part-time: 1 year / 5 years

No refund or recourse should the student fail to complete within the maximum period.



  • There must be a minimum of 25 students for the programmes to commence. Students will be informed within one month prior to class commencement if the programme fails to commence due to low take up rate.
  • Average teacher-student ratio for full-time programme: 1:17
  • Average teacher-student ratio for part-time programme: 1:15
Sample of both FT and PT sample timetable for 2022 intake

Assessment & Attendance


  • 15-credit module: 100% coursework
  • 30-credit capstone project: 25% research proposal, 75% final project

Attendance Requirements

  • Local: 75%
  • International (Student Pass / Dependent Pass / Long-term Visit Pass): 90%

Requirements to Graduate

  • To attain the MSc in Professional Accountancy awarded by University of London and examined by UCL, students must successfully complete and pass all coursework and project.
  • Grading Scheme:
    • 70-100: Distinction
    • 60-69: Merit
    • 50-59: Pass
    • 0-49: Fail
  • A SIM presentation ceremony presided by the University of London Vice-Chancellor is held each year in April. Alternatively, students can choose to attend the graduation ceremony held in March in London.
  • On graduation, you become a member of the University of London Alumni Association and an alumni of SIM.
  • On successful completion of your studies, you will receive a University of London award. Your degree will state that you were registered with the University of London and the examinations were conducted by UCL.


2 Modules + 1 Capstone Project

Capital Markets and Global Perspectives (15 credits)

This module aims to provide students with a sound understanding of the purposes, nature and operation of global capital markets. It seeks to identify who uses them, why and how. Within that, it illustrates the dynamics of the interaction of actions as capital is exchanged using financial instruments to generate returns while managing risks. It reveals the context in which these actors operate in markets and particularly so in the context of regulations imposed on markets.

Topics covered:

  • Purpose(s) and nature (s) of global capital markets and financial actors
  • Global perspective on the risk-return trade-off
  • IPOs
  • Regulations and compliance
  • interaction dynamics between financial actors
  • Financial instruments – stock, bonds, derivatives

Issues in Investment Management (15 credits)

This module seeks to understand the nature and purposes of, and issues within investment decisions in a range of investment opportunities. In so doing to articulate and illustrate applied principles of investment in stocks/shares, bonds, mutual funds and other securities within an investment portfolio. It also provides a practical familiarity with issues in investment in derivatives and in real estate.

Topics covered:

  • The investment arena
  • Portfolio theory and market efficiency
  • Behavioural insights and associated issues
  • Investing in and managing fixed income securities/common equities
  • Measurement and management risk
  • Frameworks for derivatives and alternative investments

Capstone Project (30 credits)

This module aims to provide an opportunity to demonstrate independent academic research skills and apply them in real world and simulated professional contexts, to present and provide potential solutions, and recommendations to an accounting/finance/strategic management related issue.


Admission Criteria

Applicant must be an active member of an acceptable professional accountancy body and passed the last professional level paper in past five years.If the qualification was awarded more than five years ago, the applicant has to provide proof that they are in good standing with their professional body.

English Proficiency Requirement

  • Applicant will meet the English language requirements if he/she has one of the following:
    • Passed the English version of the professional accountancy body qualification
    • A current member of acceptable professional body
    • Holds a bachelor's degree assessed in English which is comparable to a UK upper second class honours degree from an institution acceptable to the University.
    • Or equivalent English language proficiency test result completed within three years 

Fees & Financial Aid

All fees inclusive of current 9% GST (exclude textbooks / course materials). 

GST Notes:

  • Fees published are inclusive of current GST of 9%. The parts of fees not invoiced, not paid and where services are not rendered in year 2023 are subject to the new GST rates effective on 1 Jan 2024. Refer to IRAS website here for more details.
  • For invoice generated in 2023 for services to be rendered in 2024, if payment is collected by 2023, 8% GST will apply.
  • For invoice generated in 2023, if the payment is received in 2024 and service is rendered in 2024, 9% GST will apply. Credit note against original invoice and a new invoice bearing 9% GST will be issued.
  • For invoice generated in 2023 and service is rendered in 2023, if payment is collected in 2024 (i.e. late payment), 8% still applies.

Payment to SIM can be made through SIMConnect using Credit Card (Visa or Master), PayNow, eNETS, and OCBC Interest-free Instalment Plan (min. S$500).

For Local Students

Estimated total for Full-time: S$17,600.00*
Estimated total for Part-time: S$13,850.00*

Payable to SIM:

  • Full-time programme fee: S$11,445.00 
  • Part-time programme fee: S$7,717.20

Payable to UOL:
  • Institution-supported learning fees: £3,212 (£803 per 15 credits)

* These are estimated amounts as UOL fees are subject to exchange rate fluctuations, Singapore taxation and yearly increase.


Special note:

UOL alumni enjoy 10% off UOL fees. If you are a UOL graduate, please look for the London International, Alumni Bursary for more details.

For International Students

Estimated total for Full-time: S$18,550.00

Payable to SIM:

  • Full-time Programme fees: S$12,426.00

Payable to UOL:
  • Application Fee (One-Time Payment): £107
  • Institution-supported learning fee: £3,212 (£803 per 15 credits)

* These are estimated amounts as UOL fees are subject to exchange rate fluctuations, Singapore taxation and yearly increase.

Special note:

UOL alumni enjoy 10% off UOL fees. If you are a UOL graduate, please look for the London International, Alumni Bursary for more details.

Mandatory Fees

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST.

International Student Induction Fee

A one-time fee payable by new full-time international students. This fee covers pre-arrival and arrival support, including activities to enhance the international student learning experience.

As applicable, payable with the programme fee's first instalment.


Application Fee

Payable for each application form that is submitted. Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The fee will be refunded fully only if the intake does not commence. Unpaid applications will not be processed.

Local applicants: S$98.10
International applicants: S$490.50 (not inclusive of Student’s Pass application)