SIM Global Education Bursary

The SIM GE Bursary aims to provide financial assistance to needy students studying at SIM Global Education (GE). This award is given based on our eligibility criteria, as well as the assessed level of neediness of the applicants.

The decision of SIM Global Education is final and we do not enter into any correspondence on the award of the SIM GE Bursary (including the reasons for not awarding the SIM GE Bursary).


The list of recipients for each award will be determined by the bursary selection panel, based on applicants’ assessed PCI and the eligibility criteria. Not all eligible applications will be guaranteed an award.
Name of Award Per Capita Income (PCI)* Quantum
SIM GE Bursary (Tier 1) $0 to $600 $6,000
SIM GE Bursary (Tier 2) $601 to $1,000 $3,000

* E.g.: Ceiling for PCI: S$600 (Total Gross Household Income = $3,000, Total Number of Household Members = 5, PCI = $3,000 / 5 = $600)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time or part-time SIM GE students pursuing foundation, diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate programmes, excluding those who are currently in a Bridging / Preparatory / Certificate in English course
  • Must have enrolled and started classes
  • Singapore citizen / Singapore permanent resident / international student
  • Have financial difficulties caused by loss of job, loss of income-earner, or medical treatment / condition
  • Have satisfactory academic results
  • Must not be receiving any SIM GE sponsorship / scholarship, or have not been awarded the SIM GE bursary within the last one year at the point of application

Application Period

Applications are accepted throughout the year, but will be processed and awarded on a quarterly basis. Late entries will be considered in the subsequent quarter.

Application Period Closing Date Processing Period Notification Period
Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 31 March April to May June
Quarter 2 (Apr to Jun) 30 June July to August September
Quarter 3 (Jul to Sep) 30 September October to November December
Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec) 31 December January to February March

Tenure Period

  • The bursary is tenable for one year of study.
  • No repayment is required. However, the bursary must be refunded in part or in full if the student discontinues his or her studies.

Things to Note

•    Please ensure that your bank account details are updated in SIMConnect before applying for bursary. If awarded, the award amount will be credited directly into your bank account about a month thereafter.

•    Bursary recipients will need to make course fees payment first and have started classes before the bursaries can be disbursed. 

Application Process


Prepare the required documents


Apply in SIMConnect

  • Log in to SIMConnect and navigate to the ‘My Apps’ tab.
  • Select ‘Self Service’ and click on ‘Campus Finance’.
  • Next, select ‘Financial Aid’ and click ‘Apply for Bursary’.

The collection of personal data such as your NRIC number, and other supporting documents are required to facilitate the processing of applications, including verifications of the identities of applicants and household members.

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