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University at Buffalo
Double Degree
Bachelor of Science (Geographic Information Science) and Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) icon-open-link-black

Learn the cutting-edge knowledge, skills, and abilities in using geospatial science, and work for the social good with your knowledge and skill sets.

La Trobe University
Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality) (Top-up) icon-open-link-black

This advanced standing programme provides students with the business management skills and knowledge needed to work in the rapidly growing tourism industry.

RMIT University
Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) icon-open-link-black

It focuses on practice-led project-based learning to develop the skills and expertise that meet the demands of the contemporary media and communication industries.

University of Wollongong
Bachelor of Computer Science (Cyber Security) icon-open-link-black

This programme provides understanding in the structure of data and the role it plays in delivering solutions to complex problems.

University of London
Graduate Diploma in Economics icon-open-link-black

This programme teaches the application of analytical and quantitative techniques to a range of economic issues, including contemporary economic problems.

University of London
Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences icon-open-link-black

This programme is a stand-alone qualification. It provides a potential entry route to undergraduate study with academic direction from LSE.

University of London
Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science and Financial Technology icon-open-link-black

This programme will provide the skills to analyse data, to evaluate and predict investment behaviour, and make finance more accessible to those in need.

University of London
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics and Finance icon-open-link-black

Learn to apply analytical and quantitative techniques to a range of economic and financial issues, including contemporary policy problems.

SIM Global Education
Graduate Certificate in Business Sustainability (Part-Time) icon-open-link-black

As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase, and as transparency becomes more prevalent,
companies are recognizing the need to act on sustainability . This is an opportune time for SIM to provide
conceptual, skills-based, and practical learning in the emerging field of sustainability through our Graduate
Diploma in Business Sustainability.

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