Graduate Diploma in Data Science

University of London

Programme Overview

Academic Level
Academic Level


Awarded by
Awarded by

University of London, UK

Programme type
Programme type

Full-time, 1 year

Campus location
Campus location

SIM Campus

Application Dates
Application Dates

Now till 1 Jul 2024 (local and international applicants)

Estimated Fees (incl. GST)
Estimated Fees

(incl. GST)*

S$12,810 to S$13,420

* All fees inclusive of current 9% GST (exclude textbooks / course materials, SIM application fee, preparatory / bridging course fee, and other fees). Refer to GST Notes under Fees Tab for more information.

Programme Outline

Awarded by University of London, UK and Developed by federation member, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

This programme is developed by London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). It will enable you to become a competent and confident data modeller and interpreter, assisting management to make data-driven decisions. 


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will understand: 

  1. The techniques and subject matter of theoretical statistics and machine learning. 
  2. How to perform independent data analysis: selecting appropriate statistical methods for a given situation and drawing appropriate conclusions following empirical analysis to form the basis of managerial decision-making. 
  3. How to use statistical software to analyse datasets. 

Further Studies & Career Prospects

As the world becomes ever more data-driven, many companies are exploiting quantitative techniques for their businesses. Graduates of this programme will be highly sought after by the employers as the race to gain a competitive edge in the data arena intensifies. 

Graduates of this programmes may progress to further postgraduate studies in this field, either locally or overseas.

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Why study at SIM x University of London


SIM is the leading private education institution in Singapore.


Excellent value with lower tuition costs in SIM.


LSE is one of the foremost social science universities in the world with a worldwide reputation for the quality of its research.


Globally recognised – Programmes offered have the same academic standards as the London School of Economics and University of London, UK.

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Intake Dates

2024 Sep intake


Sep 2024 to Aug 2025


Now till 1 Jul 2024 (local and international applicants)

Early submission of application is strongly recommended.

Minimum / Maximum period: 

1 year / 5 years 
No refund or recourse should the student fail to complete within the maximum period. 



  • Blended lectures, group discussions, workshops and online study.
  • Duration of each lesson is 3 hours.
  • Students will attend classes with those pursuing a Bachelor’s programme at SIM campus.
  • Classes are taught by local faculty, supplemented by webinars by the London School of Economics on the Virtual Learning Environment.
  • Academic materials include Virtual Learning Environment, SIMConnect portal, subject guides, past exam papers and exam commentaries, reading lists and handbooks on good study strategies.
  • Learning support include intensive revision, classes on study skills, academic writing and the Peer-Assisted Learning sessions.
  • Full time classes are held in three-hour blocks between Monday and Friday, starting at 8.30am, 12pm, or 3.30pm. There are occasional classes on weeknights at 7pm and weekends.
    View sample of full-time class schedule (PDF 67 KB)
  • Average teacher-student ratio: 1:79
    View a list of lecturers (PDF 37 KB)
  • Minimum class size to commence is 25 students. Students will be informed within 30 days after the application period.

Assessment & Attendance

  • Assessment for IS2184, ST2187, ST3188 and ST3189 is a mixture of coursework and 2-hour examinations. 
  • Attendance and Coursework are part of the University's requirements to sit for the examinations every May/June. SIM students may take resits in the Oct/Nov sitting.
  • Students may have a maximum of 3 attempts for each paper prior to classification. 
  • Key dates:  
    • University Exams: May – Jun 2025
    • Results released: Mid-Aug 2025
  • Attendance requirement 
    • Local: 75% 
    • International (Dependent Pass holders/ Long-term Visit Pass holders): 90% 

Requirements to Graduate

  • The award of the Graduate Diploma requires successful completion of all 4 full modules. 
  • Grading Scheme: 
    • 70-100: Distinction 
    • 60-69: Merit 
    • 40-59: Pass 
    • 0-39: Fail 
  • Graduates can attend the April SIM campus ceremony or the March University of London ceremony (UK).


The programme is made up of 4 full modules. There are no prerequisites or exemptions for each module. 

Compulsory modules 

  • IS2184 Information systems management 
  • ST3189 Machine learning 

Two full modules from the following: 

  • EC2020 Elements of econometrics 
  • MT2116 Abstract mathematics 
  • ST2187 Business analytics, applied modelling and prediction 
  • ST2133 Advanced statistics: distribution theory (half module) 
  • ST2134 Advanced statistics: statistical inference (half module) 
  • ST2195 Programming for data science 
  • ST3188 Statistical methods for market research 
  • IS2182 Innovating digital systems and services 
  • IS3159 Research project in digital innovation 
  • IS3167 Management and innovation of e-business 
  • IS3183 Management and social media 

View 2023-2024 modules offered at SIM

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Admission Criteria

Accepted Entry Qualifications

  • A *first degree completed in a minimum of three years on a full-time basis (or equivalent) from a university or other institution acceptable to the University of London

University of London graduates from the same range of degrees under the academic direction of LSE may be considered for the Graduate Diploma on a case to case basis.

View the University of London Prospectus.

 Although it is not a formal requirement, students are advised to select the management based course option as opposed to the mathematical based if you do not come from a strong quantitative background.
* An acceptable quantitative degree / award title includes Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, Psychology, Quantitative Management, Quantitative Finance, Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods or Statistics.

Equivalent International Qualifications

For information on international qualifications, refer to SIM’s International Student Prospectus

Other Requirements

  • You must have a minimum Grade C6 and above in GCE 'O' Level English language examinations or an equivalent qualification to apply to the University of London.

  • 2 satisfactory mathematical subjects** done at degree level (or its equivalent)

** Satisfactory mathematical subjects include: Algebra, Algorithms, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Calculus, Computer Mathematics, Differentials, Engineering Mathematics, Geometry, Mathematics, Quantitative Methods, Quantitative Techniques, Statistics or Trigonometry.


Fees & Financial Aid

All fees inclusive of current 9% GST (exclude textbooks / course materials). The estimated overall fees are payable in instalments. The amount of each instalment is dependent on the number of modules undertaken for each semester and based on the following components:

  • SIM Programme Fees, UOL Module Fees and Exam-related Fees - Payable and calculated on a per module basis.

GST Notes:

  • Fees published are inclusive of current GST of 9%. The parts of fees not invoiced, not paid and where services are not rendered in year 2023 are subject to the new GST rates effective on 1 Jan 2024. Refer to IRAS website here for more details.
  • For invoice generated in 2023 for services to be rendered in 2024, if payment is collected by 2023, 8% GST will apply.
  • For invoice generated in 2023, if the payment is received in 2024 and service is rendered in 2024, 9% GST will apply. Credit note against original invoice and a new invoice bearing 9% GST will be issued.
  • For invoice generated in 2023 and service is rendered in 2023, if payment is collected in 2024 (i.e. late payment), 8% still applies.

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Programme Fees

Additional fees apply for those who repeat/resit the coursework/exam and also for those who extend their registration with the University. 

Total programme fee: S$12,810* 

The breakdown is as follows: 
Payable to SIM 
Programme Fees for Graduate Diploma (4 full modules): S$7,194.00

Payable to University of London (UOL) 
UOL Application Fee (One-Time Payment): £65.40
UOL Module Fee (4 modules): £2,512

Payable to Local Examinations Authority
Exam-related Fee
Exam admin fee (Per paper): S$213

*The fees above are inclusive of the prevailing Goods and Services Tax.
While SIM fees do not fluctuate during a student's study period, the other fees to UOL and the exams authority are likely to increase each year.

Total programme fee: S$13,420* 

The breakdown is as follows: 
Payable to SIM 
Programme Fees for Graduate Diploma (4 full modules): S$7,804.40 

Payable to University of London (UOL) 
UOL Application Fee (One-Time Payment): £65.40
UOL Module Fee (4 modules): £2,512

Payable to Local Examinations Authority
Exam-related Fee
Exam admin fee (Per paper): S$213

*The fees above are inclusive of the prevailing Goods and Services Tax.
While SIM fees do not fluctuate during a student's study period, the other fees to UOL and the exams authority are likely to increase each year.

Mandatory Fees

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST. 

International Student Induction Fee 

A one-time fee payable by new full-time international students. This fee covers pre-arrival and arrival support, including activities to enhance the international student learning experience. 

As applicable, payable with the programme fee's first instalment. 


Application Fee 

Payable for each application form that is submitted. Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The fee will be refunded fully only if the intake does not commence. Unpaid applications will not be processed. 

Local applicants:

International applicants:
S$545.00 (not inclusive of Student’s Pass application)