Anggara Elizabeth Manurung

My turning point came when I represented SIM GE together with two other students and won in the Gajah Mada Business Case Competition (GMBCC) held in my home country Indonesia in March last year.
Discover SIM GE With the valuable lessons that she’s learned from past experiences, Anggara Elizabeth Manurung (pictured above), a student from the BSc (Business Administrations) and BA (Economics) programme at SIM-University at Buffalo now strives to give her best in everything. Starting Off On The Wrong Foot “My junior college years didn’t end very well. My plan was to get into an Autonomous University (AU) in Singapore, but I wasn’t able to qualify for the courses which I desired to get into. I knew that among all the private institutions, SIM GE was the best. It is the most credible private institution that had the courses that I was interested in. Although I eventually got into SIM GE, I was still feeling upset over my results. My ‘failure’ in not getting what I wanted served as a form of motivation to me and drove me to make the most of my opportunities.” The ‘Turning Point’ “My turning point came when I represented SIM GE together with two other students and won in the Gajah Mada Business Case Competition (GMBCC) held in my home country Indonesia in March last year. We were grateful to be sponsored by SIM GE’s Student Development Department to go there. It was a prestigious international competition, where participants are required to crack real-life company cases. I began to see the opportunities that were given to me in SIM GE and decided to tap on them." Elizabeth has enjoyed a fulfilling life by participating in various activities. Living Life To The Fullest “Since winning the competition, I’ve learned to live life to the fullest and go beyond myself to make a positive impact on society as much as I can.” “I did my best to participate in various groups in SIM GE. I’m currently the co-founder and president of the SIM Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Consulting ‘Career Chapter’. Through this Chapter, we encourage and assist our peers who are interested in the HR and Consulting sectors with getting the necessary knowledge and skills. We are currently focused on working with notable HR and Consulting companies such as Hays and Accenture.” “Apart from this, I also take part in performing arts activities and spend time with my family and friends.” Meaningful Support “It can be tough juggling many activities by myself but I’m grateful for people and teams around me who are always very supportive. “The UB programme has also enabled me to be a good communicator and has enhanced my creativity through lively interactions and discussions in class. I also learned that it’s not just about what you learn in the classroom. My professors have directed, and guided me as well as shared their life experiences which are beyond the text book.” Her Biggest Achievement “I never stretched myself like I did in Spring Semester 2017. I took part in two musical productions, two business case competitions, an innovation challenge, and did a singing gig, performing at Music@Empress, an initiative by the National Arts Council Singapore. I had also just started the HR and Organisational Consulting Career Chapter. All this happened, while I was actively serving in church and doing community service and taking care of my younger sisters. By the grace of God, I was able to manage all my responsibilities, including my studies, and I would say being able to pull everything off has been one of my biggest achievements to date.” “I believe that the time I took participating in activities was well spent. I did not only gain knowledge and develop useful skills, but I also formed new friendships, gained new perspectives on life, and most importantly, developed my character as a person.” Posted online, 24 April 2018