Information Technology Foundation Studies


Programme Overview

Academic Level
Academic Level

Certificate/Foundation, single major

Awarded by
Awarded by

Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

Programme type
Programme type

Full-time, 6 months

Campus location
Campus location

SIM Headquarters

Application Dates
Application Dates

Now till 14 Aug 2022 (international applicants) | Now to 21 Aug 2022 (local applicants)

Estimated Fees (incl. GST)
Estimated Fees

(incl. GST)*


* Exclude application fee, preparatory or bridging course fee, and other fees. Refer to the Fees & Financial Aid section for details.

Programme Outline

Developed and Awarded by Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

The 6-month programme equips you the fundamentals of computing and information technology understanding and with the necessary skills and knowledge to move on, with confidence, to progress to study at diploma level.

Further Studies & Career Prospects

With the Certificate, you can progress to the SIM Diploma in Information Technology

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Intake Dates

There will be four intakes a year, in January, April, July and October.

Jan 2023 intake


3 Jan 2023 – 30 Jun 2023


Now till 11 Nov 2022 (International applicants)
Now till 18 Nov 2022 (local applicants)

April 2023 Intake


1 April 2023 to 31 Sept 2023


Now to 10 Feb 2023 (International applicants)
Now to 17 Feb 2023 (local applicants)

Download academic calendar (PDF 102 KB)

Maximum allowed period to complete the 6-month programme is 12 months or 1 year.

Students may re-apply for the programme if they did not complete the course in the maximum allowed period.

No refund or recourse should the student fail to complete in the maximum period.

SIM has the right to withdraw a student who cannot cope with the demands of the programme, especially when the student’s pass has expired.



  • The course is 100% face-to-face lecture-based learning.
  • Coursework includes attendance at lectures, practical assessment, tests, presentations, and completion of group and individual-written assignments.
  • Students are required to access relevant websites and the Internet for research and assignments in their own time. Besides attending lectures, students also participate in computer lab sessions.
  • Contact hours: 39 hours per module, total: 195 hours. Each lesson: 3 hours.
  • Classes and workshops are organised to teach study skills, academic writing and presentation.
  • Academic materials:
    • Virtual Learning Environment
    • Academic materials such as module books (soft copies), past assessment papers, reading lists and handbooks on good study strategies
  • Minimum class size to commence: 35 students. Students will be informed within 30 days before class commences.

Assessment & Attendance

  • Each module is assessed through multiple continuous assessments.
  • Continuous assessments may include practical assessment, class tests, discussions, presentations, group, and individual assignments.
  • Students must pass all the modules in the course in order to qualify for progression to Diploma in Information Technology.
  • Attendance requirement:
    • 75% attendance to be graded accordingly to your academic performance.
    • Student’s Pass holders: at least 90% attendance in any month of the course (as required by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority).

Requirements to Graduate

To graduate, students must successfully complete and pass all 5 modules. Graduating students will receive a result transcript and the Certificate of Completion from SIM.

Graduating students will be deemed as meeting the academic requirement for entry into the Diploma in Information Technology.


  • Introduction to Information Technology 1
  • Introduction to Information Technology 2
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Study Skills for Effective Learning
  • Web Programming Fundamentals

View module descriptions (PDF 7.8 KB)


Admission Criteria

Accepted Entry Qualifications

The following qualifications are accepted:

  • At least 3 GCE ‘O’ level credit passes (Grade 1 to 6); or
  • Nitec Certificate (Minimum GPA 3.0) in:
    • Communication Technology; or
    • Digital Animation; or
    • Digital Audio and Video Production; or
    • Digital Media Design / Digital Media Design (Interactive Media); or
    • Digital Media Design (Digital Video Effects); or
    • Info-Communications Technology (Cloud Computing); or
    • Info-Communications Technology; or
    • Info-Communications Technology (Mobile Networks & Applications) / (Mobile Systems & Services); or
    • Security Technology; or
    • Info-Communications Technology (Networking & Systems Administration); or
  • Higher Nitec Certificate; or
  • Other qualifications will be assessed based on the equivalence to GCE ‘O’ level examinations.

Equivalent International Qualifications

International applicants will be assessed on the qualification’s equivalent to the GCE ‘O’ level examinations. For information on international qualifications, refer to SIM’s International Student Prospectus.

Download the International Student Prospectus

English Language Requirements

  • GCE ‘O’ level credit pass (Grade 1 to 6) in English (as a first language); or
  • IELTS with an overall score of at least 5.5; or
  • TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper-based) plus 4 in the Test of Written English (TWE); or
  • SAT1 score of at least 550 (critical reading and writing); or
  • Pearson Test of English (PTEA) 42; or
  • RMIT English Worldwide (REW) Advanced Level; or
  • Pass SIM English Test at Advanced 1 Level; or
  • An equivalent English language qualification.

Applicants who do not meet the English language requirement would need to undergo the Certificate in English Language (CEL) programme before enrolment in the programme. 

The duration of the CEL programme depends on the applicant’s English language proficiency level.

Applicants can sit for an English Placement Test conducted by SIM to determine their English language proficiency level.

View full requirements (PDF 39 KB)


  1. IELTS or TOEFL or SAT1 or Pearson Test of English scores must be less than two years at point of enrolment.
  2. The SIM English Placement Test results will be valid for one year from the date of the test.


Fees & Financial Aid 

One-time payment before class commences.

Payment to SIM can be made through SIMConnect using Credit Card (Visa or Master), PayNow, eNETS, OCBC Interest-free Instalment Plan (min. S$500) and cheques. 

Programme Fees 

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST.

  • Total: S$3,584.50
  • Per module: S$716.90
All fees inclusive of current 7% GST. Fees will be subject to revised GST of 8% effective on 1 Jan 2023 and 9% on 1 Jan 2024.

GST Notes
  • Fees published are inclusive of current GST of 7%. The parts of fees not invoiced, not paid and where services are not rendered in year 2022 are subject to the new GST rates effective on 1 Jan 2023 and 1 Jan 2024 respectively. Refer to IRAS website here for more details.
  • For invoice generated in 2022 for services to be rendered in 2023, if payment is collected by 2022, 7% GST will apply.
  • For invoice generated in 2022, if the payment is received in 2023 and service is rendered in 2023, 8% GST will apply. Credit note against original invoice and a new invoice bearing 8% GST will be issued.
  • For invoice generated in 2022 and service is rendered in 2022, if payment is collected in 2023 (i.e. late payment), 7% still applies.

Mandatory One-time Fees 

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST.

International Student Induction Fee 

A one-time fee payable by new full-time international students. This fee covers pre-arrival and arrival support, including activities to enhance the international student learning experience. 

As applicable, payable with the programme fees’ first instalment.


Application Fee

Payable for each application form that is submitted. Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The fee will be refunded fully only if the intake does not commence. Unpaid applications will not be processed.

Local applicants: S$96.30

International applicants: S$481.50 (not inclusive of Student’s Pass application)