SIM Global Education Diploma Scholarship

SIM Global Education Diploma Scholarships

Outstanding international students pursuing diploma programmes awarded by SIM can apply for one of the following diploma scholarships:
  • SIM GE Academic Excellence Scholarship (Diploma)
  • SIM GE Merit Scholarship (Diploma)

If you apply for both of these scholarships, only the application for the Merit Scholarship will be considered.

Applicants must be enrolled in one of these SIM diploma programmes:
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Banking & Finance
  • Diploma in International Business
  • Diploma in Management Studies
  • Diploma in Information Technology


SIM GE Academic Excellence Scholarship (Diploma) SIM GE Merit Scholarship (Diploma)
100% course fees only
50% of course fees only

Eligibility Criteria

SIM GE Academic Excellence Scholarship (Diploma) SIM GE Merit Scholarship (Diploma)
  • New international students
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Outstanding academic results in high school or Year 12 equivalent qualifications
  • New international students
  • Communication skills
  • Outstanding academic results in high school or Year 12 equivalent qualifications

Application Period

April intake: 1 October to 31 December
October intake: 1 April to 30 June

Tenure Period

The scholarship is tenable for the minimum period required to complete the full course of study, as stipulated by the programme. There is no bond to the scholarships.

How to Apply


Diploma scholarships application for the October 2024 intake commences from 1 April to 30 June 2024.

Click here to APPLY. (via BrightSparks when application is open)

Refer to the Diploma Scholarships Application Guide and gather all relevant supporting documents.

Supporting Documents
Applicants are required to submit the following documents in soft copy format (scanned and zipped):

  • All official academic documents, certificates, transcripts, and reports showing grades awarded by institutions that you have completed or are currently pursuing, in original language with English translation, if applicable
  • Documentary evidence of English Language qualifications (GCE ‘O’ Level / IELTS / TOEFL / SATI / Pearson Test / other equivalent English Language qualifications)
  • Documentary evidence of all co-curricular activities / scholarships / achievements / awards (if any)
  • Personal statement
  • Photocopy of passport
  • A copy of the acknowledgment document for your diploma application as evidence of successful application

Do organize all the supporting documents in order and submit only ONE scholarship application per applicant before the closing deadline of the application period..

The collection of personal data such as passport and other supporting documents are required to facilitate the processing of applications, including verifications of the identities of applicants.

Learn more about SIM Data Privacy

Terms & Conditions

  • The scholar is required to sit for all tests, assessments and examinations, and obtain the qualification within the minimum period required of the course of study.
  • The scholar is not allowed to change the Programme at any time.
  • Scholars shall not take up or register or enrol in any other course(s) without the prior written approval of SIM GE.
  • Scholars shall not, without the prior written approval of SIM GE, hold the Scholarship Award concurrently with any other scholarship or tuition grant.
  • Every scholar is expected to contribute to SIM GE / the community.
  • The scholarship will be monitored and renewed every semester provided the scholar maintains the required academic performance and good conduct
  • The Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of SIM GE, the Scholar’s progress or behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory.
  • If for whatsoever reasons the Scholarship is terminated, the Scholar shall personally bear all the fees for the remaining duration of the course of study; and the Scholar shall be further liable to repay SIM GE all of the Sponsorship Award Benefits that have been paid by SIM GE.