Rebuilding a Life in the Face of Adversity

Learn how Celeste's determination to reintegrate into society after a divorce led her to the healthcare industry, where she found purpose, personal growth, and a successful career as a Senior Associate Executive at Alexandra Hospital.

17 August 2023

Celeste's journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, showcasing her unwavering determination to overcome obstacles and create a better future for herself and her children. In May 2019, faced with the challenges of a divorce, Celeste made a firm commitment to not let the circumstances define her. Regardless of being a homemaker at that point, she fought tirelessly to keep custody of her children and reintegrate into society.

As she embarked on self-discovery and growth, Celeste took a significant step by joining the F&B industry. Working in this field provided her with valuable experiences and insights. However, her resilient spirit and desire for personal and professional development led her to explore new opportunities. It was during her time at an F&B outlet located within a hospital environment that her interest in the healthcare industry ignited a new direction for her career. With the support and encouragement of healthcare professionals, clinicians, nurses, and admin staff, Celeste found the courage to transition into the healthcare sector. In May 2020, she joined Alexandra Hospital, despite having yet to gain prior healthcare experience.

Celeste's commitment to personal growth led her to pursue an MBA programme at SIM-UOB, even without having a degree. The CEO and her senior nurse manager at Alexandra Hospital recognised her exceptional qualities and wrote strong recommendation letters to support her application. Even with juggling different roles in life, Celeste's outstanding performance within the hospital earned her a well-deserved promotion. Her journey is an inspiration to others, reminding us of the power of determination, adaptability, and perseverance in overcoming challenges and achieving success in various aspects of life.

In her personal life, Celeste faced her fair share of challenges during her divorce. However, she drew strength from her upbringing, where her mother taught her to be independent, and she resolved to stand up for her beliefs, especially for her kids. Reintegrating into the workforce was not easy after a four-year hiatus. Still, Celeste decided to seize whatever opportunities were available, even starting with a stewarding position in an F&B establishment. Her dedication and sincerity caught the attention of her boss, leading to promotions and eventually working in Alexandra Hospital. From being a housewife to her current role as a Senior Associate Executive at Alexandra Hospital, Celeste exemplifies the transformative impact of resilience.

The transition from the F&B industry to the healthcare industry shaped her personal and professional growth perspective. She found that the common thread of caring for people in both industries brought her satisfaction in making patients feel better and resolving their issues. This experience has fuelled her desire to pursue an MBA to better influence patient care.

In the face of various challenges such as working full-time, pursuing an MBA, and maintaining a home life, Celeste felt mixed emotions when reflecting on her journey. Despite the exhaustion and moments when she contemplated giving up, her strong sense of achievement and perseverance kept her going. She looks back at how far she has come and uses it as motivation to push forward.

Celeste's story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for others facing difficult times. She urges individuals to believe in themselves and not give up, sharing the simple yet powerful phrase her son learned in kindergarten, "Try your best and don't give up." Celeste's unwavering determination and extraordinary journey of overcoming obstacles has earned her the prestigious Chairman's Award for Resilience, a well-deserved recognition of her remarkable strength, tenacity and resilience. Celeste extends an invitation to anyone in need of support or guidance, as she is more than happy to share her experiences and inspire others on their own journeys.