Navigating Transformative Horizons: A Summer at LSE

Fueled by determination and supported by the 2023 Summer School Scholarship, Sherry navigated the academic challenges and had an experience that extended beyond the classroom, forging friendships and navigating the vibrant cityscape of London. Read on to learn more about her insights and advice for future students.

24 Jan 2024

My journey at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a longstanding dream, began in 2021 when I learned about the LSE Summer School programme during my first year at university. Fuelled by determination, I juggled part-time work with studies to save for this prestigious programme. This choice demanded perseverance but ultimately paid off, culminating in the realisation of my dream.

I applied to the LSE Summer School, driven by a desire to experience studying abroad and benefit from its renowned intensive tuition and world-class lecturers. LSE's reputation as one of the best social science universities promised exposure to diverse perspectives, a crucial element in fostering unique problem-solving approaches that would contribute to developing essential academic skills. The diverse course selection and the chance to explore subjects not offered in my home institution were additional incentives. This would afford me a competitive edge over my peers, enhancing my academic knowledge and broadening my horizons.

Gratitude fills my heart for being awarded the 2023 Summer School Scholarship by my home institution, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), and LSE. This scholarship made my extraordinary experience at LSE possible and facilitated networking with academic directors, staff, and scholars worldwide. Conversations with LSE educational directors and University of London (UOL) academic staff were particularly enlightening. The summer school experience, encompassing Strategic Management and Consumer Behaviour courses, proved challenging yet immensely rewarding. Real-world case studies enriched my understanding of how firms develop and sustain competitive advantages. In contrast, the study of consumer behaviour delved into fundamental psychological theories, shedding light on decision-making processes. My professors and tutors deserve special thanks for their passionate and engaging teaching styles, making my learning journey exceptional. Beyond academics, the experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, fostering personal growth and confidence in a new environment. Attending the Spark programme that runs in conjunction with academic courses and the social programme further enriched my experience, providing valuable insights into the job application process and offering fundamental career advice. However, the true essence of my transformative expertise lay in the people I encountered. Lifelong friendships formed with students from diverse cultures worldwide showcased the power of shared experiences and a common passion for knowledge. These connections and the memories forged with them are invaluable takeaways.

The opportunity to explore and study in London, one of the world's leading global cities, made my summer school experience even more remarkable. It was an eye-opening and memorable adventure, creating lasting memories and friendships. London's iconic architecture, historical charm, vibrant blend of cultures, and LSE's world-class facilities provided the perfect backdrop for a transformative summer. Challenges were met with determination, leading to new heights of growth and learning. Upon returning, I volunteered to share my LSE summer school experience with nearly 100 UOL first-year students. Through this, I hope to encourage more students to participate in the LSE summer school and contribute to the learning community at SIM and LSE.

The advice I shared emphasises embracing the opportunity, managing time effectively, seeking help when needed, and celebrating achievements. I encourage future students to view the LSE summer school as an unmatched experience for personal and academic growth, fostering dedication, a positive mindset, and effective time management. My LSE summer school experience was the best summer of my life, leaving an indelible mark on my academic and personal journey.