Marvin Wira Diputra

Having been in the technology industry for three years, Marvin Wira Diputra from Indonesia currently serves as a Relationship Manager at LinkedIn APAC Headquarters in Singapore where he helps companies across South East Asia acquire the best talents. In a role where adaptability is important, he attributes this trait to the group assignments he was accustomed to while pursuing the undergraduate programme in SIM.

24 Jun 2020

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Helping Companies Win the Talent War


What do you do at LinkedIn?

As a relationship manager, I manage corporate clients and help companies on LinkedIn with their hiring strategies in order to acquire the best talents within the region.

What led you to your role?

LinkedIn is a renowned organisation and I was attracted to its unparalleled work culture which entails coaching and mentoring sessions. It also embodies the work hard and play hard culture. These are the factors which rank high on my job requirements list.

I was working in sales within the technology sector ever since I entered the workforce. I was also fortunate to have gained a regional exposure from my past working experience. I believe this gave me the competitive edge while applying for the coveted role.

What have you gained from the SIM Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) and SIM-RMIT Business (Marketing) programmes?

I learned to remain adaptive in different situations. I remember having to form a group for a semester project on the first day of the DMS class. None of us knew each other, and I ended up with a less than cooperative teammate. However, I learned from it and was wiser in choosing better teammates in the next semester. I was also better prepared when we had to work in teams during the course of the SIM-RMIT programme. It’s a simulation on how everyone needs to be adaptable once we enter the working world.

Working with others has also taught me how to stay focused on the task and get things done as well as to raise my concerns if the need arises. Sometimes, unfavourable circumstances might happen like a fallout between the team but such experiences trained me to take setbacks in my stride.

What did you enjoy about your SIM experience?

I loved the campus gym and used to work out there regularly. I’ve also joined student organisations like the Economics Society and Indonesian Community and met some friends whom I still keep in touch with till today.

Any advice for students who wish to land their dream job?

Work hard and never give up. Try to find mentors who have been in your situation and have a plan on how you want to achieve your aspirations.

There will be many challenges, especially for international students, but these rejections can provide invaluable lessons for when you finally land that dream job.

Who is your hero and why?

I learned that the people I look up to are also mere humans who make mistakes. Therefore, I don’t categorise anyone as a hero nor a villain. Instead, I learn lessons from them and treat it as an opportunity to grow.

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Posted online, 24 Jun 2020