Evy Chu

Driven and optimistic, Evy Chu – a current student of the University of Birmingham at SIM takes on a myriad of different roles in and outside of school. She aspires to serve and give back to society in her own capacity.

10 Dec 2021

5 mins read

Ask SIM #FutureMaker

Here, Evy answers a series of questions posed by prospective learner; Soh Fang Lin, a graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic who is currently taking a gap year.


Fang Lin (FL): Is the University curriculum very different in Polytechnic? P.S.: I graduated from the same course (Diploma in Arts Business Management) as you back in Ngee Ann Polytechnic!

Evy (E): Ah! What are the odds? Then I guess I will be the ideal person to answer this question.

The main difference for me is that we have more freedom with our time in University as compared to my days in Poly. Which I quite like because I am an independent learner. However, despite the self-regulating mode of learning, the lecturers are still very receptive to discussions and responsive to our questions.


FL: How would you describe student life at SIM-University of Birmingham?

E: It is interesting! Due to the pandemic, classes are mostly held online. It is very refreshing for me to make friends over Zoom, and do projects with people I have never even met before in real life. We do make an effort to hang out. Like with my orientation group members – we went out to eat a few times. We will also introduce each other to our friends to expand our social circle.


FL: I am taking a gap year and is currently working. However, I have been wondering – is it possible to get practical experience while studying?

E: In my experience, yeah! Especially if you put yourself out there and look for opportunities. I have gained unique skills as the Marketing Director of the SIM-UoB student council by helping to plan events and line up marketing content.

My degree also has a placement project component where I need to take up a communication-related project. I applied to SIM’s marketing department, and I got to work closely with the marketing team to help produce content for their digital campaigns.


FL: If you had the chance to choose again, would you still major in business?

E: I think so. Growing up, the topic of business has always been something close to my heart because of my family’s background. Apart from Business-related modules, my degree also has components of various communication modules. That adds a little something special to my business degree.


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Posted online 10 Dec 2021.

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