Dupinderjeet Kaur

Having done well for her A-Level examinations, Dupinderjeet Kaur was given a variety of options to pursue her degree studies at various universities. However, she chose to follow her heart by taking up an International Relations degree at SIM-University of London. What followed was a meaningful university experience that would inspire her to take up a Juris Doctor Law degree.

23 Jul 2019


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Driven by Determination



Fill in the blank with the adjective that describes yourself best:  I am determined

Please do elaborate on why you chose the adjective above.

I feel that the key to achieving your goals is determination. If you have determination and the willpower to achieve a defined goal, nothing can stop you from achieving success. When I first chose SIM, I was determined to prove that it was the best choice for me. I believe that being able to secure a good job right after graduation is a testament that this decision was the right one.

Why did you choose to come to SIM GE?

While I had the opportunity to pursue my studies at an autonomous university, the programme that was offered to me was not of my choice. I decided to pick International Relations that is offered by SIM-University of London as I have always believed in following my passion and I am glad that I chose this path.

What sparked your passion for International Relations?

My strongest subject during my school years was History and my strength lies in writing. Therefore, I was sure that I wanted to take up a humanities degree. International Relations was something that stood out to me while I was applying for various degree courses as it is an introduction to the world of politics and it  involves studying the socio-historical impact of various global developments and international issues from around the world.

Tell us more about your student life at SIM GE.

I enjoyed a very active student life in SIM GE. In my first year, I joined the Talent Development Programme under the Career Development Office. I was involved in planning school activities, career fairs and also carried out marketing campaigns.

Together with my friend, we also started the Innovation and Networking Society (IONS), a club for students with digital talent to develop digital solutions. We went on to hold many successful programmes including fireside chats and brought speakers from Microsoft, IBM and Google who shared fresh perspectives with our students about the working world.

Determined to gain some working experience, I also took up a summer internship at the US Embassy in Singapore. My three months there was really an eye-opener as it exposed me to various functions of an embassy.

What has been your most memorable experience as a student in SIM GE?

I think my 1,095 days (3 years x 365 days) spent in SIM were all memorable and were each spent to the fullest. I formed everlasting friendships, formed a strong bond with my lecturers and became part of a team that started a new student club. I also got to develop my professional skills through internships at the U.S Embassy and SIM’s Career Development Office. Combining what I learned from my degree and my internships, I was well equipped for my first job as an Executive in an accounting and advisory firm. SIM will always hold a special place in my heart.

How did the skills that you gain at SIM GE inspire you to pursue a Juris Doctor Law degree?

My undergraduate degree in International Relations at SIM GE has instilled in me the necessary skills that I believe will enable me to successfully pursue a JD Law programme. As SIM GE’s programmes are rigorous, it taught me discipline and the importance of consistent effort. My undergraduate taught me analytical skills and broadened my knowledge. It has also put me into the habit of reading. I believe these skills will come in handy for my Law degree, a field that I’ve developed a passion for.

What would be your advice for students?

My advice would be to always follow your passion. If you pursue something you are passionate about, you will naturally be good at it and be happy. You will then also enjoy working in that field. While school prestige is important when sourcing for a job, you can be equally competitive when you have gained an edge in the knowledge and skills that you have acquired through experiences that are beyond the classroom.

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Posted online, 23 Jul 2019