Project Protégé

Project Protégé is a 4-months mentorship programme that lets you engage in perceptive, knowledge-sharing discussions with Mentors who hold a wealth of expertise and wisdom in their own field. Learn from others or extend your contribution towards developing future talents.

What is Project Protégé?

Project Protégé is SIM’s mentorship programme that provides every of our students/alumni mentee with a Mentor. We focus on helping students/alumni with:

  • Career development pathways

  • Discovery of one’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Gaining industry insights  & clarity of career goals

Our Mentors, are SIM alumni or industry partners, who are established professionals in industry sectors such as banking, finance, retail services, IT, government & NGO, and more,

Project Protégé is launched in 2012 as a collaboration of the Career Guidance and Alumni Engagement at SIM Learner Advisory & Career Centre. In 2018, Alumni Engagement collaborated with CPA Australia and Young NTUC to get their members on board to support the development of the mentees, in discovering their career pathways and opportunities within the industry. Project Protégé has partnered close to 100 alumni mentors to over 300 mentees. Whether you are a student, recent graduate or senior executive, Project Protégé can be uniquely beneficial to everyone.

What is expected of you:

  • Connect with your mentor/mentee(s) once the pairing is assigned

  • Fulfil a minimum 4 contact hours

  • Contact time and meeting mode should be mutually agreed between your pairing

How does it work?

It is a 4- months programme, with a minimum 4 hours of contact time during the programme between Mentor and Mentee(s).

  1. Kick-off event

    • A speed networking for mentor selection
    • Mentees get to preview all Mentors’ brief CVs and can submit up to 3 preferred Mentor choices
    • Mentors will then be paired with mentees based on closest education-/Industry-fit to their declared career interests
  2. Mentor- mentee pairing announced

    • Mentee to meet up with Mentor to complete joint- goal setting to kickstart mentorship journey

  3. Mentorship ongoing

    • MBTI profiling assessment

    • Mock interview with Mentor

    • Career preparation workshops (soft and technical skills)

    • Preparing and depositing resumé on UNICORN

  4. Culmination Event

    • Completion of Project Protégé

    • Reflection on mentorship journey

    • Appreciation for mentors

How you can participate

Why be a mentee?

  • Get ahead in your career preparation, and transit smoothly from university to working life
  • Gain knowledge and insights of current job market
  • Receive advice on job-search strategies and/or interviews
  • Learn from other’s journeys to a fulfilling career
  • Discover your career preferences, personality profiles, goals
  • Build up your personal and professional confidence

Who can be a mentee?

Project Protégé is open to all SIM Alumni and current students (local and international). Each student/alumni is only entitled with one chance to participate.

  1. Current students

    • can get a head start in your career preparation or guidance in navigating your career path as you transition to a working professional
    • priority will be given to those who are in their 2nd / 3rd year of study to prepare you to get ahead in career preparation.
  2. Recent graduate

    • can learn what to do (and what not to do) in your new job and connect with others in the same field, role or industry of your interest
  3. Mid-career alumni

    • can discuss career options, promotion pathways and learn how others have successfully transitioned to senior executive level

What to expect from the programme?

  • You will be matched among 1 – 3 other mentees under the Mentor’s guidance.
  • A Mentorship Guide will be provided to you with guidelines about time commitment, coaching topics, conversation tips, mentoring assignments with your Mentor.
  • Mentors volunteer pro bono with Protégé to coach students/alumni hence are not obligated to hire or provide job opportunities for Mentees.

How to register?

  • Applicants will need to prepare and submit a personal statement (250-300 words) to express your career interest. You may use the following pointers as a guide:
    • Why are you interested in participating in Project Protégé?
    • What is your industry interest and career aspiration?
    • What do you want to achieve from this mentorship programme?
    • What do you seek from your potential Mentor?
  • For students, look out for announcements on UNICORN portal
  • For Alumni, please apply via the alumni portal

For more information or if you have any enquiry, get in touch with us via

Why be a mentor?

  • Opportunity to reflect on your own career
  • Opportunity to gain rewarding volunteering experience as you guide mentees grow professionally
  • Develop confidence and communication skills
  • Gain new perspectives from Mentees that are beneficial to your self-development
  • Engage in shaping future generation of the industry workforce

Who can be a mentor?

Our Mentors should have minimum 2 year working experience and passionate to help SIM students or alumni in their career aspirations and concerns.

Coaching credentials or training experience not compulsory but will be added bonus.

What is your role?

  • Provide career and personal development advice to empower Mentees
  • Inspire mentees to seek significance in what they aspire to do
  • Provide career insights and tips on job search
  • Shape the future generation of SIM graduates entering the workforce

You will be matched with 2 – 4 mentees under your guidance. Feel free to let us know your preference on mentee quotas, backgrounds etc. You are not expected to assist a mentee to find employment opportunities.

A Mentorship Guide will be provided to you with guidelines about time commitment, coaching topics, activities and resources you can use, and mentoring assignments to jointly complete with your mentees.

How to register?

Recruitments are open all year round.

  1. Prepare your CV
  2. Apply via the alumni portal

For more information or if you have any enquiry, get in touch with us via

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