Project Protégé

Project Protégé is a 4-months mentorship programme that lets you engage in perceptive, knowledge-sharing discussions with Mentors who hold a wealth of expertise and wisdom in their own field. Learn from others or extend your contribution towards developing future talents.

What is Project Protégé?

Project Protégé is SIM’s flagship mentorship programme and aims to provide a platform for students to learn from the experiences and insights of our alumni. 

As a collaboration of the Career Guidance and Alumni Engagement that started in 2012, Project Protégé has partnered more than 300 mentors with over 700 mentees since 2016. Furthermore, Alumni Engagement had the honour to collaborate with CPA Australia and Young NTUC in 2018, getting their members on board to support mentees in discovering career pathways and opportunities within the industry, boosting their development and growth. Whether you are a student, recent graduate, or senior executive, Project Protégé can be uniquely beneficial to everyone.

Project Protégé allows both mentees and mentors to learn and grow in various areas:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of career development pathways
  • Gain industry insights and clarity of career goals
  • Engage in self-discovery and understand your unique skills and areas for improvement

Our mentors are SIM alumni or industry partners who are established professionals in various industry sectors such as banking, finance, retail, IT, and more!

How does it work?

Project Protégé is a four-month programme that aims to provide a platform for students to learn from the experiences and insights of our alumni. Each pairing is required to fulfil a minimum 15 hours of interaction.

A brief timeline of the programme:

  1. Kick-off event
    • A speed networking event for mentees and mentors
    • Mentees will get to preview all mentors’ brief CVs and submit their top 3 mentor choices
    • Mentor-mentee pairings will be formed based on closest education-/industry-fit to their declared career interests
  2. Goal setting
    • After mentor-mentee pairs are announced, mentees will meet up with their mentors to complete joint goal setting and kickstart the mentorship journey
  3. Mentorship ongoing
    • Mentors and mentees to complete a minimum 15 hours of interaction, through email, phone, and at least 2 face-to-face meetups 
    • Mentors will support mentees in understanding their career aspirations and work on action plans to do so, through imparting their insights, mock interviews, and participation in career preparation workshops to equip mentees with both soft and technical skills
  4. Culmination event
    • Mentees and mentors gather once again to reflect on their mentorship journey
    • Mentees who complete the programme will receive certificates of participation and express their appreciation for their mentors

How you can participate

Who can be a mentee?

  1. Current students
    • Get a head start in navigating your career path as you transition to a working professional
  2. Recent graduates
    • Learn to navigate your first steps into the working world and connect with others in the same field, role, or industry of your interest
  3. Mid-career alumni
    • Discuss career options, promotion pathways and learn how others have successfully transitioned to senior executive level

Why be a mentee?

  • Get ahead in your career preparation, and transit smoothly from university to working life
  • Gain knowledge and insights of the current job market
  • Receive advice on job-search strategies and/or interviews
  • Learn from other’s journeys to a fulfilling career
  • Discover your career preferences, personality profiles, and goals
  • Build up your personal and professional confidence

What to expect from the programme?

  • Mentees will each be paired with a mentor with one to two other mentees
  • A Mentorship Guide will be provided with guidelines on time commitment, coaching topics, conversation tips, and mentoring assignments with your mentor
  • Note: mentors volunteer pro bono to coach students and alumni, hence they are not obligated to hire or provide job opportunities for mentees

How to register?

  • The next season’s sign-ups have begun! Register as a mentor for Project Protégé Season 18 via the application form.
  • If you have missed the sign-up period, fret not! Look out for announcements for the next season of Project Protégé on Career Connect’s various social platforms.

Get in touch with us at for more enquiries.

Who can be a mentor?

Our Mentors should have minimum 2 year working experience and passionate to help SIM students or alumni in their career aspirations and concerns.

Coaching credentials or training experience not compulsory but will be an added bonus.

Why be a mentor?

  • Reflect on your own career journey
  • Gain a rewarding volunteer experience as you guide your mentees in their growth
  • Gain insightful perspectives from mentees and fellow mentors
  • Engage in shaping the future generation of the workforce
  • Develop confidence and communication skills

What is your role?

  • Provide career and personal development advice to empower mentees
  • Inspire mentees to seek significance in their future aspirations
  • Provide career insights and tips on job searching and employability
  • Shape the future generation of SIM graduates entering the workforce

You will be matched with one to three mentees. Feel free to let us know your preference on mentee quotas, backgrounds e.t.c.. You are not expected to assist a mentee to find employment opportunities.

A Mentorship Guide will be provided to you with guidelines on time commitment, coaching topics, activities and resources you can use, and mentoring assignments to jointly complete with your mentees.

How to register?

Recruitments are open all year round.

  1. Prepare your CV
  2. Apply via the Alumni Portal
  3. Alternatively, fill up the application form to register as a mentor for the upcoming season (April – August 2024)

Get in touch with us at for more enquiries.

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