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  • Chua You Aik

    University of Manchester, Student

    For part-time students, juggling work, study and personal commitments can be quite challenging. However, the flexible study options provided by SIM GE helped lay my worries to rest. Being exposed to the knowledge and thoughts of lecturers from both the University of Manchester and SIM GE also gave me the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, without sacrificing the comfort of staying in Singapore.
  • Iris Sim Qiao Ru

    RMIT University, Graduate

    As an SIM GE graduate, I am able to walk confidently in the league of graduates from the other universities. The knowledge I have gained from my peers and lecturers are lessons that will guide me in my continual path of professional development.
  • Julia Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha

    University of London, Student

    SIM GE is never just about studies and textbooks. It is about helping students gain the confidence and the spirit to succeed in life. As an international student, SIM GE’s holistic education, especially its student clubs, have helped me discover the best in me.
  • Rury Narita Binte Omar

    University at Buffalo, Student

    Being coached by experienced and highly competent faculty from the University at Buffalo has enabled me to look at my curriculum in an entirely different light; I don’t see them as theories and equations anymore, I see them as building blocks to a successful future.
  • Ong Fang Xun

    SIM-University at Buffalo, Graduate

    The University at Buffalo programme has exposed me to new and exciting ways of learning, as well as to a myriad of cultures and working styles. All of this has helped me secure the job that I have always wanted and to do it well.

  • Windy Alexander

    SIM-University of London, Student
    Vice-President of the dance club, SIM DreamWerkz

    Becoming a student leader of SIM DreamWerkz and winning several big-scale competitions with my club are not just the highlights of my university days, but of my life as well. Winning is succeeding in doing what you wanted to do. If you become a better person at the end of the process, you have won. Our achievements together have definitely motivated me to have bigger aspirations for my studies, activities and my future career.

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