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  • Jillian Teo

    SIM GE Student and Scholar
    Member of SIM Dance Art

    “SIM GE gives me the opportunity to pursue my interests in the field of psychology as well as my passion for dance. In 2013 and 2014, our dance group, Dance Art, were finalists in the Royal Dance-Off, which is a contemporary dance competition. Those were incredibly proud moments for us.

    My participation in dance concerts, competitions and other student development activities have allowed me to meet people from all walks of life and expand my social network. I have also learnt to manage my time and cope with stress better.

    Indeed, I have grown in confidence as a student and dancer.”

  • Ng Hanbin

    SIM-RMIT University student
    Member of the SIM Basketball team

    Being a part of the SIM Basketball team has taught me values beyond the textbook. The sport has developed in me the habit of always seeking self-improvement in everything that I do. Through participation in competitions, I am constantly motivated to challenge my limits and to believe that I have the ability in me to achieve better results and reach the ultimate goal of winning.

    Nevertheless, I also learn that staying together as a team with mutual trust and respect for one another is more important than winning.

  • Windy Alexander

    SIM-University of London student
    Vice-President of the dance club, SIM DreamWerkz

    Becoming a student leader of SIM DreamWerkz and winning several big-scale competitions with my club are not just the highlights of my university days, but of my life as well. Winning is succeeding in doing what you wanted to do. If you become a better person at the end of the process, you have won. Our achievements together have definitely motivated me to have bigger aspirations for my studies, activities and my future career.

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