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LEADING SAFe WITH CERTIFIED SAFe® AGILIST in collaboration with Agilemania (gold partner of Scaled Agile Inc)


Course overview

in collaboration with Agilemania (gold partner of Scaled Agile Inc)

Agile Thinking

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15-01-2024 to 16-01-2024

19-02-2024 to 20-02-2024

18-03-2024 to 19-03-2024

22-04-2024 to 23-04-2024

13-05-2024 to 14-05-2024

10-06-2024 to 11-06-2024

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LEADING SAFe WITH CERTIFIED SAFe® AGILIST in collaboration with Agilemania (gold partner of Scaled Agile Inc)

Course Overview

Thriving in the digital age with Business Agility with Certified SAFe® Agilist.

During this two-day course, attendees learn the importance of mastering Business Agility to thrive in the digital age and gain insights they can use to lead a Lean-Agile enterprise by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

Course benefits

Business Outcomes

• Use SAFe principles derived from Lean product development, Agile development, DevOps, and systems thinking

• Establish Team and Technical Agility and organize around the flow of value

• Focus on importance of adopting a customer-centric mindset and applying Design Thinking as part of Agile Product Delivery core competency

• Gain insights and recommendations for building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline and instilling a DevOps culture

• Understand Lean Portfolio Management and steps needed for implementing this function in Enterprise

Learning Outcomes

• Lead the transformation to Business Agility with SAFe

• Become a Lean-Agile Leader

• Understand customer needs with Design Thinking

• Enable Agile Product Delivery

• Implement Lean Portfolio Management

Course outline

• Thriving in the Digital Age with Business Agility

• Becoming a Lean-Agile Leader

• Establishing Team and Technical Agility

• Building Solutions with Agile Product Delivery

• Exploring Lean Portfolio Management

• Leading the Change

• Practicing SAFe


2 days

Course runs

Who should attend?

Level 1 - Admin & Support
Level 2 - Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers
Level 3 - New Managers

Programme leader

1. Sumeet Madan

A Pragmatic Change Agent in the Agile Transformations He carries 16 years of rich experience in software engineering, agile training, coaching, and consulting. He is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) from and a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC). His mission drives him to build people and organizations by helping them learn who they are and how they want to succeed in the competitive market. 

As an Agile consultant, he works with higher management to formulate the transformation strategies by defining and implementing Agile processes at various levels. His strength lies in facilitation, consulting, coaching, and teaching.

2. Preeth Pandalay

An executive turned transformation consultant with 21+ years of learning, Preeth trains and coaches organizations to be agile and more importantly to stay agile. 

Preeth’s pragmatism finds its root in his diverse experience at various leadership positions. This majorly includes the one where he relied on empirical practices to successfully deliver quality releases for an $8 billion company and his early work as an engineer in teams that leveraged the value of XP practices.

Having experienced agile transformation as a team member helps Preeth connect and relate with the teams he trains. Preeth, typically, trains with an intent to educate, empower, and enable sustainable and self-evolving transformation based on scrum framework, through the constant use of inspect and adapt.

Course fee

As part of the training and learning during this course, photography and/or video recording of participants in action will be done. 

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