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27-09-2024 to 27-09-2024

09-12-2024 to 09-12-2024

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Course Overview

In a hyper-connected world driven by technology and big data, the individual worker faces significant demands for his time and attention. They would need to meet customer expectations. They would have to collaborate with fellow workers to deliver products and services. They would be expected to achieve results for the organisation. On top of these, they would want to do work that is excellent, engaging and ethical, and build a personal brand for himself/herself. This inevitably can cause stress, which could lead to productivity issues unless the individual has the ability to manage himself/herself well.


Having self-management capability enables the individual worker to build greater awareness of himself/herself in terms of his/her habits and stress level. And along with a greater clarity of his/her personal vision, the individual can develop strategies to improve his personal effectiveness and develop personal branding to advance his/her careers.

Course benefits

The course, Self-Management, is a critical core skill endorsed by SkillsFuture Singapore. It aims to provide learners with the principles and techniques to improve personal productivity, form new habits, manage time and stress, engage in networking and develop a personal branding. When learners apply these competencies, they will be able to be more effective and efficient as they navigate a challenging and changing environment at work and in their personal space.

Course outline

Pre-read: Personal Mindset

• Introduction to learning and unlearning for Good Work 

• Unlearn to Learn 

• Influences on Mindset

Unit 1: Productivity

• Understanding personal effectiveness 

• Integrating productivity enhancement systems and tools 

• Productivity metrics 

• Using digital tools to improve personal effectiveness  

Unit 2: Self Reflection

• Identity habits that hinder yourself from reaching your goals 

• Unlearn habits  

• Alignment with personal vision 

Unit 3: Time Management

• Manage time and resources 

• Reduce barriers to productivity

Unit 4: Managing Stress

• Signs of stress 

• Good stress vs bad stress 

• What triggers stress? 

• How to manage stress? 

Unit 5: Team Performance

• A systemic lens on Good Work 

• Responsibility 

• Alignment and Misalignment 

• Coaching and Mentoring techniques  

Unit 6: Self Branding

• What is personal branding? 

• Developing personal branding 

• Digital tools for branding 

Unit 7: Networking

• Professional networking 

• Benefits of professional networking 

• People you can network with 

• Tips to networking 

• Networking to advance your career 


1 day

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Who should attend?

Level 2 - Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers
Level 3 - New Managers
Level 4 - Managers

Programme leader

Course fee

Mapped to Critical Core Skills – Staying Relevant – Self Management (CCS-SMT-I001-1)

Programme Fees

Full Course Fee: $ 545 (incl of 9% GST)

Nett Fee (after funding) *:

For Employer Sponsored Participants:

SME: $ 195 Non-SME: $ 295

For Participants eligible for SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy:

40 years old and above

(Singapore Citizen only): $ 195

For Self Sponsored Participants:

SkillsFuture Credit is applicable for Singapore Citizens aged 25 years old and above only

Inclusive of 9% GST (GST is based on Full Course Fee)

*Terms and conditions apply

Programme Executive In Charge : Patricia Lee

Telephone : 62489447

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