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30-08-2024 to 30-08-2024

08-11-2024 to 08-11-2024

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Course Overview

Organisations and individuals are facing significant change brought about by world events, climate change and pandemics. Technology such as digitalization, artificial intelligence and automation bring forth many opportunities as well as challenges. In response, organisations are adopting new business models and strategies so as to stay relevant, survive and grow. This in turn requires workers to take on new jobs and roles such as those needed to deploy technology, drive sustainability agenda and build business continuity. This demands new skills and knowledge, and the mindset that learning needs to be agile.


Learning agility enables organisations to stay nimble operating in an environment of rapid change. It allows organisations to seek new solutions to evolving challenges involving various stakeholders including customers, employees and the community. At the individual level, learning agility enables workers to develop new skills and knowledge quickly so that they can contribute effectively and stay employed. It also enhances the ability to learn and helps workers to be resilient as they undergo transitions in their careers.

Course benefits

The course, Learning Agility, is a critical core skill endorsed by SkillsFuture Singapore. It aims to provide learners with the principles and techniques to engage in self-reflection, set goals, design learning pathways, select learning approaches, assess learning effectiveness and develop people agility. When learners apply these competencies, they will be able to stay relevant by adapting their learning approaches to meet the changing demands of their current job and be future-ready in navigating change in their worklife.

Course outline

Pre-read: Personal Mindset

• Introduction to learning and unlearning for Good Work 

• Unlearn to Learn 

• Influences on Mindset

Unit 1: Habits

• Exploring habits 

• Unlearn habits 

• Self-reflection techniques 

• Learning goals 

• Collaborative Learning 

• Applying new knowledge and skills

Unit 2: Learning System

• Learning ecosystem 

• Career Management strategies 

• Experimentation techniques 

• Self-directed learning techniques 

• Learning and development pathways

Unit 3: Good Work

• Unlearning to do Good Work 

• Learning approaches 

• Strategies to measure impact of learning outcomes 

• Adjusting learning approaches

Unit 4: People Agility

• Communicate the importance of knowledge sharing and feedback to team members 

• Coaching and mentoring 

• Identify learning opportunities to develop team members


1 day

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Who should attend?

Level 2 - Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers
Level 3 - New Managers
Level 4 - Managers

Programme leader

Course fee

Mapped to Critical Core Skills – Staying Relevant – Learning Agility (CCS-LGA-I001-1)

Programme Fees

Full Course Fee: $ 545 (incl of 9% GST)

Nett Fee (after funding) *:

For Employer Sponsored Participants:

SME: $ 195 Non-SME: $ 295

For Participants eligible for SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy:

40 years old and above

(Singapore Citizen only): $ 195

For Self Sponsored Participants:

SkillsFuture Credit is applicable for Singapore Citizens aged 25 years old and above only

Inclusive of 9% GST (GST is based on Full Course Fee)

*Terms and conditions apply

Programme Executive In Charge : Patricia Lee

Telephone : 62489447

Email : patricialee@sim.edu.sg

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