The Will to Lead: Grit & Resilience


28 Sep 2019


The Will to Lead: Grit & Resilience

28 Sep 2019 (Fri) | 2.00-5.00pm
Venue: SIM HQ, Blk B Level 5, SR B.5.09
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Challenge is part and parcel of everyone’s life but why do some people thrive while others flounder in difficult situations? In the volatile and disruptive world we are in today, a strong foundation of strength with grit and resilience is needed to sustain the will to lead ourselves through challenges.

Grit and resilience are rooted in a growth mindset, one that fosters adaptability and agility for positive impact on every aspect of our lives. How can developing a growth mindset help you in building the resilience to stay agile and adapt well to challenges that come your way?

  • Discover your tendencies when faced with adversity. Gauge your grit and resilience
  • 5 ways to develop a growth mindset
  • Build the resilience to stay agile and adapt well to challenges that come your way

The Speaker
Lyn Wong has an avid interest in people, team and organization development and believes that the success of any change effort is driven by organizational culture. She operates primarily on the value of collaboration, co-creation and collective approach through alignment and engagement in achieving strategic objectives. Her focus and expertise includes developing resourceful teams and leaders, harnessing the diversity of cross-cultural teams, facilitating collaborative problem-solving and active participation for
organizational change.