SIM & M1 to train a pool of tech talents in Work-Study-Train programme for ICT polytechnic graduates


25 May 2022


5 mins read

Mr. Seah Chin Siong, President and Chief Executive Officer, SIM and Mr. Andrew Cheng,
Managing Director of AsiaPac Technology signing the partnership agreement for the launch of
the Youth Academy Work-Study-Train Programme


Singapore Institute of Management Group Limited (SIM) and M1 Limited (M1), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, AsiaPac Technology Pte Ltd (AsiaPac), have announced the launch of a Work-Study-Train programme, the Youth Academy Work-Study-Train Programme. Both Mr. Seah Chin Siong, President and Chief Executive Officer, SIM and Mr. Andrew Cheng, Managing Director of AsiaPac Technology were present as signatories, in the recent partnership agreement signing ceremony that took place at the SIM Management House.

The first between M1 and SIM, this collaboration is specifically tailored for diploma holders looking to further equip themselves with skills in the ICT sector, while pursuing their undergraduate studies. Bridging academic learning with on-the-job training, the programme will allow candidates to focus on AsiaPac’s key capabilities in the areas of end-user computing, cloud infrastructure management support as well as network and security support and more.

Successful candidates will pursue a part-time Computer Science and Information Systems-related degree with SIM’s University Partner, University of Wollongong (UoW), as a full-time employee of AsiaPac for a duration of 18 months. As part of SIM’s experience in curating a programme of such nature, students can also expect personalisation in their learning journey in the form of mentorship from AsiaPac’s pool of technical experts. These experts will provide dedicated guidance to each student’s learning journey – ensuring better support towards their personal and career development.

Mr Seah Chin Siong said, “We are excited to partner with M1 to deliver their Youth Academy Work-Study-Train Programme. This programme blends the rigour of UoW’s academic programme with AsiaPac’s real world applications into a student’s work-learn journey. It is an excellent example of how academic institutions and businesses can come together to redefine lifelong learning. Through this meaningful partnership, we are also fulfilling a part of SIM’s raison d’etre, which is to empower individuals and organisations to thrive across life stages through learning. By giving diploma holders unique pathways to upskill themselves amidst the ever-changing work environment, they would be able to continuously grow in their career. SIM, also named as as one of Singapore’s Best Employers by The Straits Times, will continue to focus on such industry related partnerships and programmes, to help both learners and organisations stay ahead in their industries.”

“AsiaPac is glad to provide career jumpstart opportunities for budding tech talents, giving them the chance to deepen their ICT capabilities while allowing them to acquire work-relevant skills and easing the transition to the workplace when they graduate. It is our pleasure to contribute to the development of an agile workforce in our digital economy and support our existing workforce to meet the demand and rapid growth of AsiaPac,” said Mr. Andrew Cheng.

Students will also receive opportunities for technology product training and certifications from AsiaPac’s wide network of partners such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Huawei, Google, Cisco and VMWare. The programme comes at an opportune time and will help to develop industry-relevant, work-ready talent that are very much required in Singapore today.

As part of the SIM IT Day on 28 May 2022, budding tech talents can look forward to a panel discussion anchored by AsiaPac, and find out more about the Youth Academy Work-Study-Train Programme from two of AsiaPac’s partners – VMWare and Amazon Web Services. Participants can gain insights and sector trends from professional industry leaders and prepare themselves with tech-focus skills needed to meet the industry’s demand. Participants can also learn more about the IT-related bachelor’s degree programmes offered at SIM.