Learning Series: The Will to Lead

15 Apr 2019

The Will to Lead

Challenge is part and parcel of everyone’s life
but why do some people thrive while others flounder in difficult situations?

In the volatile and disruptive world we are in today, a strong foundation of strength with grit and resilience is needed to sustain the will to lead ourselves through challenges. Grit and resilience are rooted in a growth mindset, one that fosters adaptability and agility for positive impact on every aspect of our lives. How can developing a growth mindset help you in building the resilience to stay agile and adapt well to challenges that come your way?

What you will take away:

  • Gauge your grit and resilience; discover your tendencies when faced with adversity
  • Understanding the difference between grit and resilience; how/why they lead to personal and professional success
  • 5 ways to develop a growth mindset

Event details
8 June 2019 (Sat) | 9am- 12pm
SIM HQ, Blk B Level 5, SR B.5.12

*Limited seats- snap one up quick!