Be flexible and open-minded to diverse cultures: SIM diploma graduates advised


1 Jun 2021


5 mins read

Be flexible and open-minded to diverse cultures: SIM diploma graduates advised

The COVID-19 pandemic might have disrupted many of our plans and cancelled opportunities overnight, but we can still survive and thrive if we are flexible, said Ms Shanshan Wu, Co-Founder of investment company, NewFin Capital. Being able to make quick assessments, adjust strategies and reinvent ourselves – these are, according to her, essential skills to have not only for surviving through the pandemic but also when faced with changes in our lives.

Ms Wu was delivering her message to graduates at the virtual SIM Diploma Graduation Ceremony. Ms Wu is an SIM and UOL alumnus, having graduated from a University of London degree programme through SIM in 2005.  

Born and raised in Shanghai, she came to Singapore at age 18 to study and later began her career in London. Having experienced the diversity of cultures in our city state and in the UK, Ms Shan found that it is crucial to respect and learn from people with different backgrounds.

“Success in business is often associated with the ability to navigate through the complexity of how people from different cultures think and get things done. Unless we know how to decode other cultures and to communicate our messages effectively, we are vulnerable to lost opportunities,” she told the graduates.

Ms Wu advised the graduates to view things from different perspectives, expand their network to form a strong community and support one another.

Mr Lenz Tan, Head of Programme, Academic Division, SIM Global Education, in his welcome address commended the graduates for completing their studies during this difficult period and encouraged them to use this as a reminder when they are faced with other obstacles in the future.

Mr Tan advised the graduates to have a healthy perception of what is success and to pursue a meaningful and purposeful career.

At the ceremony held on 23 Apr were 330 graduates from the SIM diploma and graduate diploma programmes in management studies, accounting, banking & finance, international business, business analytics, digital marketing and human resource management, and the specialist diploma programme in aviation management.