Gain insight into human behaviour and our mental processes with a transformative educational experience that blends theory and real-world research.

Why take a Psychology degree at SIM

Human behaviour, which has long shaped and influenced our culture and society, is a fascinating area of study. Psychology takes a scientific approach to understanding the human mind. By investigating and analysing the processes and mechanisms that underscore how people think and behave, you can better understand how people relate to each other and to society.

With a psychology degree, you will benefit from:

  • A broad-based education that covers psychological principles and scientific methods on evaluating the behavioural sciences
  • Developing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the necessary research thinking for this field
  • A wide range of career paths, such as clinical psychology, counselling, social work, research, teaching, and human resources

Psychology courses in Singapore are increasing in relevance, with many opportunities for professionals who understand behavioural sciences to apply what they know in a variety of industries. Most importantly, having a psychology degree is useful for any job that involves interpersonal interaction and an understanding of the human behaviour.

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