Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Study in Singapore

There are a number of choices Singaporean students like you must make after completing their O and A-level examinations. For example, what course should you study or which school should you go to? Another question some students might consider is whether to pursue their diploma or degree in Singapore or another country.

17 February 2023

Though it might seem enticing to want to travel overseas and experience a whole new culture, there are various factors to consider as well as why it might be better for Singaporeans to continue their studies in Singapore. To help you with your decision-making process, here are four reasons why it will be better for you to study in Singapore rather than travel overseas.  

1. Get to stay close to family and friends

As a young student, it can be a daunting experience having to travel to a foreign country and go through the process of settling down in a new country. Furthermore, it can sometimes take up to a few months before you’ll get the chance to travel back to Singapore to see your loved ones.

Though it might seem fun to live away from home, being this far away from family and friends means you might feel homesick. In fact, it is extremely common for students overseas to feel homesick when studying in another country. Choosing to stay in Singapore means you will not have to worry about being homesick and spend every precious moment with your family and friends.  

2. Get to save money

Staying in Singapore means you might get to save money on accommodation and living essentials such as groceries.

Depending on where you are staying, accommodations can be pricey. Finding a part-time job while studying can help to alleviate the cost of living. But if you’re unable to secure a part-time job while studying, finances might become another issue you will have to worry about aside from your studies.

According to a study conducted by the statistics bureau, around 97% of Singaporeans aged between 15 to 34 still live with their parents. Hence, if you choose to stay in Singapore with your family, then accommodations and living expenses will be one less thing you will have to worry about!

3. Get a head start in your career and education

Studying in Singapore means Singaporean students might get the opportunity to work part-time whilst pursuing their education. Students who need to serve their mandatory national service can choose to study part-time, thus putting them ahead of their peers.

If you are able to manage your time well, you can also choose to work part-time while studying, this will give you valuable work experiences you can put on your resume, whilst having the added bonus of getting some extra allowance to spend.

4. Get a global multicultural experience even in Singapore

Perhaps one of the reasons students wish to travel overseas is to get a global multicultural experience. Well, that is something you can also get to experience right here in our home country. Singapore is known by many as a melting pot of cultures with people from a multitude of races and religions living together in harmony.

At SIM, we see students from all over the world coming here to study. There are students from Korea, India, China, and even as far as Morocco. This means that should you study in SIM, you will definitely be able to get a multicultural experience as you meet and get to know your international schoolmates.

We hope this list gives Singaporean students additional perspectives to consider, when deciding whether they should stay in Singapore or go overseas to pursue their higher education.

At SIM, we not only offer students a vibrant campus life filled with students from around the globe, but also financial assistance schemes such as bursaries and scholarships. There are also different study options such as full-time or part-time courses for students to choose from.

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