Top 3 Things to Look Out for in a First Job

The right first job can kick-start a successful journey ahead.

17 Nov 2021

5 mins read

You are just about to finish your final semester in university. Your parents have been pressuring you to start job hunting, and your friends are knee-deep in churning out multiple job applications. And you have decided that it is time to think about what you want for your first job.

But where should you even start? Getting your first job right, without knowing what to expect, can be daunting. So, make it a point to start your job search with a clear mind. Otherwise, you might find yourself approaching your job search process the wrong way. Do not panic and take your time to really think about what you want. To help you get started, here are three considerations you should keep in mind when taking your first step into the professional world:

Future opportunities

“Where will this career path or job lead me?” is a question that you should ask yourself before you decide to apply for a job. Your first job is a stepping-stone and how it pans out may pave the way for your career ahead. It is crucial that your first job can lead you to more opportunities in the future and help you achieve your long-term career goals.

Professional training and growth

Your first job should be a chance for you to learn as much as you can, so you might want to look for a company that provides training or mentorship to graduates and newcomers. You can ask about training opportunities straight off the bat during the job interview with your prospective employer.

Other skill sets

Your course of study may have equipped you with a specific skill set, such as search engine marketing (SEM) skills for marketing or programming languages for software engineering. While it is beneficial for you to expand on your existing skill set on the job, it is also crucial to think about building other transferable skills. For instance, communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

Article first published on SIM Career Guide 2021, produced by GTI Media

Posted online, 17 November 2021