The Future of Singapore's Industry - Seizing Career Opportunities In Advanced Manufacturing

Moving towards industry 4.0 is filled with exciting opportunities and Singapore is making an ambitious pivot towards the future of manufacturing.

7 December 2023


5 mins

To capture value and position the country as a manufacturing hub for the future, Singapore is moving fast to become a hotspot for advanced manufacturing and innovation.

Seeking endless innovation and challenge? Here’s why establishing a career in advanced manufacturing is a perfect choice for you.

What Is Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is the use of innovative technologies, processes and solutions to improve competitiveness in manufacturing.

This is done to bring a whole host of advantages to the manufacturer. This includes higher quality products, a faster time to work, optimised inventory and enhanced output.

To accomplish this, organisations employ the use of information communication technology (ICT) to integrate all facets of their manufacturing processes together. This means utilising automation, computation, sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as data analytics to enhance manufacturing efficiencies.

Singapore’s Push Into Advanced Manufacturing

Singapore has made bold moves into advanced manufacturing and starting to establish the country as a regional hub for manufacturing innovation.

We are 3rd in the world for manufacturing value-added activities with over 9,000 manufacturing companies. This includes key global suppliers such as ABB and Siemens, all establishing Advanced Manufacturing Centres of Excellence in Singapore.

To accomplish this, Singapore has transformed its manufacturing approach into a world-class manufacturing ecosystem. This underscores the need for a highly skilled workforce in advanced manufacturing.

Unlocking Career Opportunities Across Singapore’s Industries

1. Electronics

The electronics industry in Singapore helps to manufacture key parts of gadgets for companies including NVIDIA, Infineon and Micron.

In this sector, you can expect to work as an advanced engineer, product engineer or production controller.

Your role will be to combine current manufacturing processes with advanced technologies, such as AI, to enhance the production capabilities of the organisation.

2. Precision Engineering

Precision engineering is one of Singapore’s core industries, manufacturing key complex components such as valuable semiconductors and medical technology.

In this sector, the roles include production manager, quality engineer and process engineer. There are exciting opportunities in leading OEM companies including Rohde & Schwarz, Applied Materials and KLA-Tencor.

You will help to enhance the production quality and output in the organisations, helping them compete better globally.

3. Aerospace

Aerospace is one of Singapore’s leading industries with over 130 players including SES and Inmarsat.

In this sector, you can expect to work in the aerospace industry, helping to integrate new technologies to make manufacturing processes even more efficient. 

4. Biotechnology

Singapore has long been a regional hub for major biotech and pharmaceutical companies including A*STAR, Novartis and GSK.

In biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, advanced manufacturing is used for the production of drugs, vaccines, and biotechnological products. 

You will be tasked with executing precise manufacturing processes, automation, and compliance with strict regulatory standards.

5. Energy And Chemicals

Singapore is home to over 100 global chemical firms that include Shell, Total and Exxon. 

The roles here include process engineer, supply analyst and research engineer. 

These roles allow you to utilise the key advantages of advanced manufacturing to better streamline processes and optimise the production output while reducing costs.


Forge A Career In Advanced Manufacturing

1. Opportunities In Project Management

Project management is a key role in advanced manufacturing. With training in Project management in Advanced Manufacturing, you will be equipped with the core skills to succeed in the field.

This includes Lean Six Sigma, Scrum Master, Fusion 360 and Generative Design.  You’ll be able to manage key projects and move up across key management roles.

2. Opportunities In Corporate Services

Corporate services in advanced manufacturing refer to a range of support functions and services that enable the company to operate efficiently and effectively. These services are typically provided by a corporate services department, which is responsible for managing the administrative, financial, legal, and human resource functions of the company.

Potential job roles include: 
  • Corporate Services Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Managers for functions including administration, HR, sales, marketing and customer service, business development, finance, and accounting in the advanced manufacturing industry


Embark Towards Becoming an Advanced Manufacturing Professional With SIM

To become an advanced manufacturing professional, you will need to learn the core skills to accelerate your career progression.

With SIM, we offer comprehensive training programmes for working professionals in Corporate Services in Advanced Manufacturing and Project Management in Advanced Manufacturing

Moreover, Singaporeans or Permanent Residents (PR) can access up to 90% of funding through SkillsFuture, accompanied by job facilitation support to aid in transitioning to new sectors.

You will learn the essential skill sets to help you break into advanced manufacturing, build a fulfilling career there and advance your expertise to new heights.

If you’d like to learn more about SIM’s SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) in Corporate Services in Advanced Manufacturing, get started by submitting an enquiry here.

If you’d like to learn more about SIM’s SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) in Project Management in Advanced Manufacturing, get started by submitting an enquiry here.