The Future Is Data & AI: Here's Why To Pursue A Career In Computer Science

As we become increasingly connected, the importance of data today cannot be overstated. From influencing the way we interact with our social media apps to our buying habits when we encounter an ad that is tailored just right for us.

25 May 2023

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However, while most of us see the benefits of the insights drawn from data, it is getting increasingly harder with the amount of data that is being streamed and collected every second of the day.

In fact, just manually analysing the data streams isn’t enough. The demand is growing for computer science professionals with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This skillset is essential to harness the full opportunities available as we move towards an Internet of Things (IoT) future.

AI allows computer science professionals to harness powerful new techniques and capabilities for swifter data analysis and insights gathering. This is especially valuable for organisations that require accurate & swift decision-making.

But before we continue, let’s understand what computer science is and why computer science coupled with AI is the key to the advancement of businesses and industries. Individuals who obtain this skillset will be set to develop a future-proof career that will rapidly evolve.

What Is Computer Science?

Computer science is a field that combines math, statistics, specialised programming, AI and machine learning to uncover actionable insights from data. This is part of the overall study of computation, automation, and information analysis.

These insights can then be used to drive organisational change, guide decision making and help a company make better data-driven plans.

For many corporations and organisations in data analysis, computer science begins with a team of analysts and computer scientists where predefined questions are asked. Discovery is then made within the parameters to discover macro-level insights.

This can be as simple as asking, “Which product will sell the best during the Christmas season?”. The data will then be analysed to provide insights to better guide management decisions on how best to position their product line and logistics for the holiday season.

The insights are then presented in reports that include data visualisations to make the insights both useful to data experts and understandable to decision-makers.

Why Computer Science & AI Is Essential To Harness The Power Of Data & Revolutionise Businesses

However, because of the vast amounts of data the world generates, processing and conducting analysis to uncover patterns is getting more challenging.

This is where the combination of computer science and artificial intelligence is a powerful combination for fast, constant and accurate data analytics.

Simply put, computer science, together with AI and machine learning, enables machines and analytics equipment to have human-level reasoning when analysing the data. This allows for a consistent evolution of data analytics processes that progressively gets more accurate with fewer errors as time goes by.

This is especially crucial as we move towards a future where data sets are becoming bigger with a variety of structured, unstructured, and disparate data all coming together at once. Without the help of AI, connecting the dots gets drastically more difficult and inefficient. Computer science and AI marries together the discipline of data analytics with the technological prowess to deliver better data-backed decision-making and experiences at scale. Not only can decisions and organisational processes be optimised, but predictive analytics can also be performed.

The skills and expertise learned will allow you to effectively harness AI to better identify patterns in data to spot opportunities and risks for various business units. AI allows for deeper learning and research that goes beyond just surface-level analysis.

It transforms a single data analyst into an army of data experts that is constantly evolving, analysing and drawing insights from huge amounts of data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Why Pursue A Bachelors In Computer Science & AI

If you are looking for a challenging career that exposes you to the forefront of technology and big data, pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science & AI might just be for you.

You’ll work with the latest technological advancement and gain hands-on experience with big data and the IoT which will shape the future of our world. Through machine learning, big data analysis and AI, you will gain the expertise to become a data expert that is valued in today’s insight-hungry world.

Whether you are looking to forge a career in financial services, retail, or government policy or to work at one of the big tech firms like Apple, the skillsets of a computer scientist allow you to work competitively in any fast-paced environment.

With a Bachelors in Computer Science and AI, you will also be grounded in the core disciplines including statistics and statistical data mining, programming and machine learning. This gives you additional flexibility to transition to tech roles such as becoming a software engineer and working in the biggest companies and on the hottest new technology such as blockchain and natural language processing (NLP).

As a graduate, you’ll be able to assess a range of AI techniques used in data analytics. This expertise will be invaluable to design, build and apply to AI and machine learning systems, allowing you to be an asset to any organisation looking to grow and scale while minimising any risks.

From the military and e-commerce to robotics and telecommunications, the world is your oyster. As the need for insights grows as a competitive edge, the demand for computer science and AI professionals will accelerate, opening limitless opportunities and possibilities to develop your career.

Access Exciting Career Opportunities With A Bachelors In Computer Science & AI

As a graduate in computer Science and AI, you can access some of the most sought-after positions in IT and beyond. This includes roles such as:

  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data architect
  • Big data engineer
  • Solutions architect

With an education and solid grounding in computer science and AI, you will be able to also work as software developers and programmers as well as assume leadership roles in your organisation.

The computer science and AI skillset is universal, allowing you to work internationally and access lucrative opportunities with ease. This specialised skillset allows you to work in exciting next-generation roles including digital fraud detection and even spacecraft control!

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